Loving Life after 50

I Am an Expert

I am an expert Blogger
I am an expert Photographer
I am an expert hairstylist
I am an expert,,,, ok, on a serious note I am not an expert at the top three items listed here.  I wish I was but alas we cannot all be experts in these areas right???? 
 I am however an expert at my job, I am proud of the work I do and I do it really, really well. Not bragging just stating a fact. It is not a field for everyone nor a very well understood area but I love it.
I like to think I am an expert in wine, and by that I probably mean drinking not identifying but heck we all need our specialties. I love wine and all things related to wine…
I am an expert at vacations, I love planning them and taking them and talking about them.  
I am an expert at social media and by expert I really mean I am a social media addict, but hey we all have our vices and because of my addiction I think that makes me a bit of an expert.
I am an expert picture taker, not to be confused with photographer because they may not all be artistic with perfect poses and backgrounds but I love taking pictures, seriously check out my facebook 
( mine not my blogs) and you will see proof of how I am an expert at taking pictures.
I am an expert at making a house a home and making people feel welcome, thus I am an expert hostess.  Come visit I promise you will be dazzled by the hospitality you will experience.
I am an expert at shopping, I love to shop and my experience has truly made me an expert.
I am an expert on shoes and accessories and if you need proof well come visit or just ask Kent he will confirm this for you I promise.
Are you an expert??? 
I wanted to be far more altruistic in my expertise and wanted to add I am an expert Friend, I am an expert spouse,I am an expert mom, I am an expert daughter…. but on a serious note I sometimes feel I am a bit lacking in the areas that matter. I am not good with staying in touch,  well actually I am great at keeping in touch just not staying in touch.  I follow my friends and family on social media and I always know what they are doing and where they are at but I am really bad at staying in contact via the phone,  thus I am not an expert.  
I am sometimes selfish in my wants and desires so as much as I love Kent to death and would do anything for him, I can’t claim expert status when their is room for improvement.
  I wish I was better at the phone calls I really do but I get to distracted with my laptop, or the tv or the blog and thus as much as I want to be an expert in the right things I have to say I am__________ just not an expert.
Back to my Photographer/blogging expertise ( she says sarcastically) just check out yet another awesome after work in the rain photo shoot. Loved my outfit today just wish I had pictures I liked a bit better.  So many fall outfits I want to wear but the temperatures although wet are very warm.. 
Wearing my Forever 21 Blouse you have seen already but with a new checkered skirt (also from Forever 21)  Tank is from H & M.  Ironically I think my tights cost more then all three pieces together as each was on super sale and purchased for $5.00 each.  Rubber Boots from Zellers last year and black booties from Forever 21 this year.  Necklace was an ebay purchase.
yellow and checks

yellow wellies

Rain drops keep falling

 checks in the rain

 Few at the office shoots from earlier today, darn I wish the IPad was working a bit better, not as clear as I would like, does anyone else find their phone takes better indoor pics then the IPad??

check blouse

check skirt

forever 21 booties

also wearing my Pink Ribbon necklace Kent gave me for Christmas when I was doing the 60 KM Walk for Breast Cancer,  it is my constant reminder and way of always showing support.

pink ribbon necklace

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  • You sure do know how to pick shoes and accessories out. Thanks for linking your outfit up the other day to BBCA. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks for the link up and for being so aware this month

  • Hahaaa, I am not an expert at any of those things, not at all. But you my dear Linda are an expert at wearing Yellow and mixing Plaids/Checks which you did so effortlessly in this gorgeous outfit. Love both necklaces and how you layered them and I am in love with both of those B+W Checkered pieces. Can I have this entire outfit? What size are you? =))

    • I will lend it to you no problem but I have a strange feeling you may be taller than me….

  • Love the pop of yellow.

  • I love the necklaces! Keep on keepin' it real, girl

  • I love that outfit! I can't decide if I like it better with the yellow or the black, either way I love it. I'd love to be a wine expert, I can't seem to try anything else other than plum wine! I'm an expert at procrastination, i'm very very great at it. haha. Happy Friday!

  • Haha I don't know what I am an expert at, but you should add print mixer! I am so scared to mix prints and you are on point!

  • The black/white pattern + bright yellow is awesome! I think you're an expert at those things, seriously! I don't know what I'd call myself an expert at!

  • Very nice outfit! And great blog!

  • Love your yellow wellies 🙂 thanks for linking up #weekendbloghop

  • Love love love the pops of yellow! The rain boots are awesome!

  • Yes you are the expert. I love your holiday header. Great creativity abounds from you. Thanks for joining Fashion ITEM Friday! ♥

  • Love the expert thought. Yes, I think I am an expert wife, expert puppy mommy, guitar player ( Masters in Music and much $ spent, hope I am), I love the yellow rain boots, and the checks. YOur black leather jacket looks sharp on you too!
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  • Great outfit. The yellow is fabulous! Love that you are an expert. Gives me some pizzazz to call myself one!

  • I love this style! 🙂

  • Those Forever 21 booties are so cute they look the Chloe ones celebrities were wearing last few years

  • I LOVE the yellow boots! Definitely brightens up a rainy day!

  • Love the yellow boots!!!!