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Fall Bucket List Blogtober 14

Go figure the gal that sometimes blogs twice a day found herself two days behind for Blogtober 14, how in heck did that happen??? Well I guess work travel and trying to get back to a routine can sometimes throw off your schedule. ( and maybe just maybe decorating took priority this weekend.).
October 5th, today I was supposed to create a post about a Fall Bucket List,  should I play the traditional game and start listing the normal fall activities??? Should I be real self centered and create a list of what I want to buy LOL?? or should I start soul searching and come up with a truly inspiring list???

In all honesty though folks I did not have a big Fall Bucket list…..but I guess because I have been on the road for three weeks now and I am so behind I can truly list what I would like to get down this fall ( or soon)
1) change out summer clothes for Fall clothes ( and stop buying, or maybe not)
2) Finish my Thanksgiving decorations ( Got Started)
3) Get Halloween decorations primed and ready to go….
4)Have one last swim before we close the pool next weekend
5) Start some new crafts
6) be a better link up buddy and comment on more blogs
7) Try and embrace the cooler weather cuz I do love tights and boots
8) Try and find an indoor location for picture
9) Apple picking ( but Kent said no…. so now what LOL)
10) Get my Christmas Vacation booked, thinking San Antonio..
There ya have it folks my totally self serving, self focused bucket list for Fall..
Come join the fun guys, #blogtober14

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  • i have never seen a wreath like that before WOW stunning!!


  • Lucy

    haha love the gif! And the list!

  • good luck with your fall bucket list.

  • I want to start a new craft too but there are so many I want to do. I want to pick apples too, little did I know the nearest orchard to me is 200 miles, haha! Uhhh, I might do that though. Happy Monday gorgeous!