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Halloween Decorating 101

In an attempt to distract myself yesterday I ripped all of the dead out of my garden and started to decorate for Halloween. The physical labour helped and I had a great feeling of accomplishment when I was done. ( plus we winterized the pool and got all the patio furniture stored, but boy does the backyard look bare… lots of room for photoshoots at the moment)

This is my dress to impress the neighbours look

Do you decorate for Halloween??? Is my Frank a little overwhelming???

next step is the Halloween wreath ( how to coming soon) and the the pumpkin lights.

and of course inside…
How do you prepare for Halloween, oh yeah and let’s not forget my blog, did you notice the awesom Halloween design,  that Ashley is awesome.

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  • Your header look cute. I don't decorate for Halloween. Since we don't celebrate it here in Germany.

  • Fun! I need to do more decorating, but can never find the time!