Loving Life after 50

Letter to My Future Self

In ten years time I will be sixty (6…0…) O.M.G. but I will also hopefully be retired and enjoying benefits of retirement while experiencing great health and happiness. When asked to write a letter to my future self I struggled a bit, I mean seriously I am not a 15 year old without any true idea of what life can dish out. I am not in my 20’s and just starting out dreaming about husband/family/career. Technically I am in the period of life where I am once again looking at closing one chapter and opening another but hopefully with a far more realistic view and approach.

Dear Future Linda,
I love you because you have continued to embrace life, to treat each day as if it was to be your last, you have continued to give unto others and share your zest for life with all of those around you.
I am proud of you because, you have retired and are now dedicating your free time to helping those who need you,  You have continued your volunteer activities and expanded those activities to help more people and more organizations.
I am sad because there are so many friends and family members that are no longer with us but I continue to believe that they are all there watching us live our lives to the fullest.
I forgive you for changing your mind so many times about when you were actually going to retire, where you were going to live and if you should stay in this house.  I understand that when the time actually came you retired along with Kent when you were supposed to and that you have been enjoying the last two years traveling and enjoying life. I know you miss the house but I also know you are loving your new place.
I hope that you are enjoying the Grand Kids and that Ryan, Nic and Carly are all in the best of places and that they, their spouses and their children come around frequently enough so they know you well but not so often that you and Kent cannot still enjoy your lives together.
I am thankful for good health and happiness and for the fact that Kent and I have had so many wonderful years together.
I wish for health and happiness to continue for many more years. ( And that Nic and Ryan are on their 4th Platinum Album and success has not affected them at all)
I will show my love for you by continuing to embrace my life and all that is in it.
Blogtober14, the gift that just keeps giving…..

For my outfit today, I have to tell you honestly the pictures may not be as perfect as I wanted but the outfit was.  I loved my look today, a flouncy floral skirt, tights and over knee boots… a true fall outfit that made me feel feminine yet was comfortable enough to walk to a meeting ( thankfully I had a big umbrella as the skies opened up)

Lets start with a fall manicure.Fall Manicure
Avon Speed Dry Enamel- Brown Pearl
old navy floral chiffon
Old Navy Floral Chiffon Skirt, Blazer – Rickis, Sweater Banana Republic and Tank – Tommy

embracing fall florals

navy floral and fall
and man oh man are you noticing how light my hair is getting??? Thank heavens I have a hair appointment scheduled.
chiffon skirt
Shoe Dazzle over the Knee Boots

shoe dazzle over the knee boots

Pearls – Forever 21
Forever 21 pearls


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  • love this post. Also you outfit is super cute.

    • hanks, was tough projecting myself 10 years forward.

  • The outfit is adorable. Great letter.

    • I was really happy with how all the pieces came together

  • love this layer look

    • Thanks, I found the skirt at Old Navy this weekend and was super happy with how it turned out.

  • fabulous letter!! I hope you are retired in ten years too and enjoying the good life – and by then us having an annual girls trip with other bloggers that we love -because we both know we will still be blogging.

    This outfit of yours is one of my favorites every – that skirt is just killer and each piece just works. Seriously, LOVE IT!

  • Absolute loved your letter. It put a smile on my face because you are so thoughtful, positive, helpful and happy. And your outfit is great also. You took a Summery skirt and made it Fall-perfect!

    Always enjoy your posts and not just for the fashion, just so you know. <3 Ada, Your Friend.

  • I love those boots. They make the outfit!