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My Best Vacation- A Review of the Omni in Cancun

Omni Resort Cancun
Fall, I am not sure about the rest of you, well actually I am kind of sure, because it appears the blog world is full of Fall Worshipers……Now, I am trying not to say that like its a bad thing. but for me Fall is great for September maybe October, then the leaves all have fallen the temperatures are cold and I start thinking VACATION BABY..Kent and I are extremely fortunate, 6 weeks of vacation, 12 stat days, Christmas off and a few personal/stress/other days off..plus and extra day every three weeks, ( yea sucks to be unionized…) so you get where I am going here right? Yea, we like to travel and go to fun places and in general just experience life. Not trying to gloat ( ok well maybe a little but not to much) but I have lived a full life, paid my dues and now we are in that time of life to have fun….Blogtober is really making me reflect back on life, today’s topic Best or Worst Vacation… not sure I have a worst, at least not n recent memory so I will try and reflect on best.

Sounds a lot easier than it actually is, I mean really in the last 12 months:
October 2013: Poconos and NYC
November New Jersey for Raiders vs Giants and Vegas for 5 days
December Memphis for the Liberty Bowl
Jan week in Miami
Feb Cruise Cozumel, Hondouras, Roatan and Cayman Islands
March No trips but a blog Conference in Ottawa
April Saint John for Easter
May Florida for 10 days, Toronto for two days
June – Jazz Fest
July Bluesfest then Windsor, then Niagara on the lake
August – Toronto for a weekend
September – Poconos for a week

Holy crap and those are just what I remember, normally we also head to Syracuse for a few weekends to catch Hockey or Basketball, add in work trips and we do get to travel a fair bit. For this day though Cancun 2010, out first official all inclusive as a family and made all the more special because Carly was in Merida for school so we all got together.

Lucked in and got upgraded to a three story Villa, thank you Omni Resorts for making this a spectacular vacation, and just check out that Jacuzzi tub. (Warning may be a few pictures)

The boys got to bound over beverages, dinners and excursions, seriously just look at those sad faces.
male bonding
Family dinners, couple time everyday was filled with special memories.
family dinners
add in the three kids spending quality time together, sometimes reading, sometimes drinking… you know what they say the family that drinks together stays together… or do we just say that????
senor frogs                                                                     Cenote exploring and swimming
cenote mexico
Chitzen Itza was spectacular as were the waves on the beautiful beaches and I met my first Lizard, folks meet Elvis.
chitzen Itza
Miles of sandy beaches
cancun beach
great beach bars
Pina Colada Bar Cancun


Kuku's Bar
and amazing water,  what could be better, being with family of course.
cancun surf


But alas that was a few years ago and now we are in  October , crisp air, beautiful leaves and a need for tights, booties and sweaters of course. Wearing the sweater I purchased at Forever 21 in Pennsylvania, over top  a sheer polka dot blouse and cami from Old Navy ( Both Old), paired both with this amazing Old Navy Skirt, some tights and my new booties from Nine West. Kate Spade Bag


kate spade bag


outdoor fall picture


Old Navy Floral Chiffon Skirt
again I was experiencing a few bouts of how do I wear this, tucked in, left lose, buttoned, up buttoned,  it all was tested during the day ( nothing to do with temps warming not hot flashes I promise)
Old Navy Chiffon


nine west green cut out booties


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  • Your sure had a packed year so far. I have done a good amount of traveling myself this year. Sound like you had amazing time in Cancun when you went.

  • I've stayed at that same Omni!!!!

  • Looks like you had a great year. Now am I understanding you did all this with family, friends or co-workers? I'd love a trip like that. Oh and that is one GIANT lizard. eeek.

  • WOW, that does sound like the best vacation. So many fun places and fun photos. =) I do super love your Fall Outfit. Way to do florals for Fall, pairing it with Boots and Navy. Looking great, my friend. =))

  • You are able to travel SO MUCH!! That is amazing!! I am soooo incredibly jealous!!!!!! It is soo wonderful being able to travel with family too, love love love those booties!!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up again this week, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

    Hugs! Amber

  • You are a traveling fiend!!! Mexico looks awesome, I really need to make it down there! I'm already SO close, anyway!!! 🙂

  • Love to see you happy and enjoy you sharing this stuff wit us!

  • I enjoyed your vacations almost as much as you did–especially the beach! Thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing your photos, looks like such fun!! My hubby and I go on little trips here and there and I enjoy it, hoping to go to Europe, maybe Italy in 2 rs. Love that you had a fanstastic time. Love the print on the dress, and I really love the olive green booties! Looks great
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess

  • Ohh My Gahhh.. that crystal blue water is gorg!!!

    Lisa @ ::Showered With Design::
    Facebook //Twitter

  • Your life looks/sounds really tough!! I may need to look in to a union job 😉

    your pictures are breathtaking!

  • It looks like you've had some killer Vay-K's, you shure took gorgeous pictures. Lucky You!!

  • This looks like a lot of fun!!!! 🙂

  • Jenn Erin

    Wow, that looked like a lot of fun!

  • I love all of your adventures and your style!