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Things that Piss Me Off

I know there are a lot of kinder, gentler ways to lead into a blog post about Pet Peeves but today I am all about being pissed off…… ok on a serious note I just used that to catch your attention. Honestly,  I am a bit pissed off at a few hands that I have been dealt but this post is not about pissed off its about pet peeves. We all have them right, those little things that drive us crazy, lifes irritants, the irksome habits of some….pet peeves should cause irritation but not outright rage, so fair warning if rage is building let it out people, its not worth it….

I have a few pet peeves, big surprise right,  one would think with a smiley face like this I would not be irritated by anything. LOL

My biggest pet peeve in everyday life, CRACKING KNUCKLES…. you know the sound that fingernails on chalkboards make, well that is what a knuckle cracking sound is to me..my kyrptonite. I will slap you silly OK maybe I won’t actually slap you but I will want to.

More Peeves:
People carrying their whole world on an airplane
People who put their stuff in my overhead bin.
people who do not know what a “liquid” is at an airport
Line cutters
talking in movies
people who stop at the bottom and top of escalators
people who use the word “irregardless”  argggg it doesn’t exist people….
asking my advice and then not taking it.
socks with sandals on guys especially
dress socks with sneakers.
people who have more then the 8/12/16 items allowed in the cashier line
bike riders who use both the street and the sidewalk and do not obey the rules
cell phone talkers (you now the ones I mean..)
slack coworkers
texters… you know the ones who find everyone else more important than you..  hello I am with you.
people who leave drawers open,
people who leave cupboards open
people who do not make their beds,
when you do not put your dishes in the dishwasher

Good Lord I do have a long list of pet peeves don’t I,  that;s what happens when you get old, you get ornery LOL.( OK I left the |H” off on purpose I really did mean ornery not what you were thinking.

So on to a more pleasant topics, it is fall and the temperatures are dropping and I got to wear my new antique hat,  new to me but purchased in an antique store so… New/Old Hat. and even better we spent the evening searching for flights and hotel in San Antonio, I think we are heading to the Alamo Bowl this year and I am super excited about that.The randomness of my post is perfect for todays link ups, or at least Shanna’s right, Random Wednesday. Chalk it up to my head and thoughts being just a jumble lately. 

Today’s outfit was an attempt to address the frigid temperatures in the office yesterday so of course they finally turned the darn heat on and got the furnace running so yep sweltered just a bit this afternoon. ( and did ya notice the lack of graininess in my pics the last few days…..yep figured out what I was doing wrong with the canon,  big hint people do not stand in front of the lens as you are pushing the button,  camera focuses on you up close and thus when you get into position BLURRY)

wine for fall

Jacket-Zellers, Scarf- Forever 21, Purse-Coach, boots-George

fedora hat and coach bag
Sweater-Forever 21, Necklace somewhere in Montreal…Skirt-Old Navy
How about this sweater, everyone at work kept coming over to hug me and touch my sweater, not only a glorious colour but soft and cuddly, I felt like your favourite stuffed unicorn today. 
powder blue sweater

baby blue sweater forever 21

warm fuzzy sweater

summer pastels for fall

black wedge bootie

oxblood wine burgundy love this coach

sly look in a fedora

chunky knits and chiffon florals
I loved all the combinations of textures and colours that I wore today, well except the tights, I thought they were black till I got to the office so that was an unintentional colour combo,  it worked ok though.  Swapped my Kate purse for the Coach I purchased last winter, love the oxblood/wine/burgundy shade.

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  • Love the burgundy tote!

  • Your new/old Hat looks great on you. I have a lot of peeve to. One people who use the bathroom and don't wash there hand.

  • Anonymous

    you do have a lot of pet peeves, I so agree with them tho. Your sister has the same boots in purple. lol

  • I can't stand when I am out with some of my friends and all they do is text THE ENTIRE TIME! Are you kidding me?!?! So rude! I have a lot of per peeves too but I "blanked" when trying to think of them

  • Love the booties and the hat!

  • Love the color of your bag! Irregardless….so lame.

  • Love your blog! And I'm sorry to say I'm definitely one of those knuckle crackers – it's a terrible habit I know!

  • Get out of my head! Seriously! Your list of things that piss you off is almost the exact same as mine. I have some stuff added to mine about moms who think their kids are perfect (I have one and I know he's not) but other than that it is identical.

  • a good rant always helps lol … also, love the shoes!

  • I am with you on all things travelling… to go along with that, I get annoyed when I am travelling alone, clearly struggling to get my carry on up, and no one offers to help. Cute boots!

  • haha. How much time do we have about peeves. Love the traveling ones I agree! Super cute hat on you, love the floral skirt and the booties. The sweater looks so cozy , my pup would lay on it in an instant!
    From the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  • Socks with sandals…just NO!! Not now. Not ever!! Drives me nuts too! On a happy note, i am LOVING your scarf!! xoxo

  • People who do not know what a liquid is at the airport. LOL, I am dying. That is so annoying. I sometimes, okay- often wonder how some people function in this world. Such stupid people! Also, your outfit is super cozy, and I love your scarf!