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We wear Pink and new additions

Yesterday when I posted about superstitions and black cats I honestly thought I would be telling you today about my new black cat…. saw a beautiful cat that was at the SPCA and went to check on him,  he was a beauty but the connection wasn’t quite there, then another little monkey caught my eye.  They called her Silver, we call her Silver Lou.

Silver the Cat

little moose the cat

 She is a year and a half and weighs in at a whopping 2.94 kgs.  I know another monster cat.  She is a snuggle bunny though and will be a great addition to the household. We still miss our little Moose but I think Little Lou will help us move on. Can’t wait to see her in her pumpkin costume.  Today we are just her foster parents, she has to go back to the shelter for a dental checkup on Friday and then if she is all OK we are cleared to adopt.

I cannot believe it is almost Halloween, I spend a little time last night changing my table for the season and adding bits of seasonal charm all over the house

Halloween centerpiece

pumpkins on the table
pumpkin salt and pepper

eyeball salt and pepper shakers

happy halloween

pumpkins from target

pumpkin juice

skeleton musicians

Do you decorate for the holidays??? I do have a tendency to go overboard by some peoples standards but hey if it makes me happy why not right?
Because we went to the shelter right after work there was no time for outfit pictures so here is a flashback to last Thursday. Got my favoutite skirt back out,  found this baby at Target last year and I fell in love, awesome colours and it has POCKETS.

old navy wrap jacket.
Coat is from Old Navy and Purse is my Coach again,  I do have this tendency once I transfer to a new bag I stick with it for a bit,  seriously I have a ton of purses but normally I carry so much crap it is to time consuming to switch over.
target skirt with pockets

over the knee blue suede boots
Boots are from Zellers and Cashmere sweater from Anne Taylor, paired with blue tights and my blue mesh booties for in the office. Jewellery was very simple my pink ribbon necklace and pink ribbon earrings.( even switched to pink glasses)
shoe dazzle mesh bootie

Cashmere and paisley and a mesh bootie

anne taylor pink cashmere sweater
Wow how is that for total randomness, cats, Halloween decorations and an outfit….

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  • Aw, Silver Lou is so precious!! She would look adorable in a pumpkin costume 😉 – jenn erin

  • Anonymous

    Silver Lou is adorable,, but why not dress her up as a dog. love mum

    • cuz I already have the pumpkin. This little moose has a lot of "hand me downs"

  • I hope everything goes well and your can adopt Silver Lou. Thank so much for linking up to BBCA again. I love the pattern on your skirt.

  • Linda Lou! I love Silver Lou!

    • she is a cutie, we are starting to call her Little Moose, she is a little motor boat on the purring and a real cuddle monkey

  • Cute boots and I love that skirt!

    Thanks for linking up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!


  • Well aren't you a beauty in Pink and Navy. I want both the Booties and the Boots though I own two pairs of Blue Booties already. Thanks so much for linking up this lovely outfit with us. And your Halloween decor is beautiful, like it is part of a store. Well done, Linda. =)

    • Hahahaa, love that on accident you misspelled my name from Ada to Ava lol. Ava is a pretty name, still.

  • She is just adorable! I love her!

  • Your kitty is so cute!

  • Congrats on the new addition girl!! That skirt is one of my favorite pieces! It seems like you wore it in another style before – if not, then I am just not remembering right. Either way, I love it!