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The Infamous Dress

Blogtober14 skip down the page I promise there is a Halloween Memory.
We have all seen it, that super, fabulous awesome Buffalo Plaid Dress from Old Navy. It truly is a thing of beauty, it encompasses all that is right about Fall. Well I like the rest of you fell in love with this dress. Then it started popping up on blogs everywhere… now what is a style blogger to do, follow the crowd or stand unique???  
But I love this dress and if bloggers I follow are wearing this isn’t it OK. what is it they say to mimic is the sincerest form of flattery or something similar???
And then I really looked at all the lovely bloggers wearing this and realized how is the dress so different then a blouse or a necklace… we can all wear the same thing and still make it uniquely ours. Then I said nope I have a plaid dress so I really do not need another one and then damn it Old Navy posted it on line for $22.00..
So then I re-visited a few sites…
I debated this post, I debated wearing the dress but then I figured can I own this, can I make it mine??
Then I worried, is it cool to use another bloggers picture?? if I am giving full credit and referring to their blogs am I allowed to use their image??? 
Midnight edit I removed the collage but have left the links for you. Kind of changes the impact of my post but I am so unsure of the blogging rules I better not
Well I hope each of these lovely bloggers take this in the spirit intended and you should still hop on over and give them a shoutout and see how they styled this baby.
Aren’t they all lovely, everyone giving the dress their own special twist.  I first saw this on Shanna back in September but I had also just fell in love with the Target Plaid shoes she had on and figured I cannot copy everything this woman wears, she is going to think I am a crazy stalker woman ( as I sit here watching Stalker) and then  Meaganstyled it… well if two of my favourite Style Bloggers love this look  who am I to buck the trend right??? and then bam even mommy bloggers I follow were wearing it to blogging conferences,
So I dug out the credit card, opened up the laptop and hello Old Navy..
 “You had me at Buffalo Plaid”
PS I am not being paid to continually mention a few bloggers but obviously I admire their style
old navy dress and cardiganbuffalo plaid old navy dress

Old Navy Buffalo Plaid

buffalo plaid collage

forever 21 pearls
Style confession I think next time I want to try my leather leggings for just a bit more coverage.
Dress-Old Navy, Wedges – George, Necklace-Forever 21, Cardigan -Old Navy

and For  #Blogtober14
Two Favourite memories for #TBT
Trick or Treating with the Kids

pumpkin family

 Our First Couple Costume

coca cola couple

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  • Love plaid and love the dress!

  • Love your plaid dress….and your awesome Coke costume! You look so cute!

  • Such a fun dress! Perfect for the fall! Thanks for linking up with us today!

  • I love how you add your own spin on the dress. Also enjoy seeing your Halloween costumes.

  • Love the dress with those shoes. Where are the shoes from?

  • I agree – such a perfect fall dress! You did take it and make it totally your own – great job. 🙂

  • I love this plaid dress! Plaid is the best pattern for fall, and your halloween costumes are so cute!

  • Love how you layered the dress.

  • that plaid dress is super cute!
    and i love the couples costume!

  • Isn't that dress so comfortable! And thanks for the link! I saw Shanna rock it, too, and she's the reason I bought it, and I'm SO glad I did;) You look great as always!

  • That is so adorable! It looks amazing on you!

  • Love this post! I actually ordered this dress too but it looked awful on me so it went back. I love how you wore this and made it your own!

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