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Chocolate Santa Martini

I was given an amazing opportunity to participate in a Holiday Cocktail Party Hop, I mean seriously, Christmas and food and drinks and desserts who wouldn’t want to hop along right…. for me a
Little twist on an old favourite….. this year I decided to “shake-up” the traditional Peppermintini.

chocolate Santa Martini

As with most holiday drinks this is a quick and easy to fix/make,  funny isn’t it how almost all holiday drinks can look spectacular yet only take a few minutes to fix. That is most likely because mom’s and dad’s may need drinks in a hurry and of course when you add Christmas garnishees anything looks great right??
Gather your ingredients, a bottle of Spiced Rum, a bottle of Mint Schnapps and a bottle of Chocolate Liquor.  Add in a Martini Shaker, some ice and a glass and we are set to go.
1/4 shot of Mint Schnapps ( not peppermint)
1 1/2 oz of Chocolate Liquor
1/2 oz spiced rum
(originally I added 1/2 oz of the mint but it is a very strong flavour hence the need to cut back)
Add ice to your shaker, pour in your ingredients and shake it off, shake it off , (sorry couldn’t resist)

spiced rum martini

Pour mixture into your glass and garnishee with a candy cane and a colourful straw. 
If you have time to prep you can rim your glass with green and yellow candy sprinkles ( as I did) or even Candy Cane pieces.
christmas cocktails

You are set to go, now take your drink into the living room, put your feet up and savour the chocolate/mint flavours. 
add a few chocolates on the side and you are set .
santa martini chocolate and mint

chocolate mint holiday drink

For a less decadent drink one can add a splash of Milk or cream and some ice in a tall boy glass and really savour the flavours of Christmas 

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  • love chocolate and i also adore a bit of alcohol! i would try it as you said, i will prbably put a bit more o milk as i get tipsy quite quick!

    • milk and a lot more ice in a bigger glass would be perfect then

  • So, if we get to meet anytime soon you will make this for me right?!

  • Ohh now that sounds yummy and looks easy. I'm always looking for new cocktail recipes, thanks!

  • That drink bar looks beautiful and festive and the martini looks and sounds delicious. I could go for one of those now. Thanks so much for sharing (I pinned, of course). =)))

  • It seems like it would be good for a holiday party.

  • i love chocolate but i don't know if i would drink this one though.

  • I am not much of a drinker but these look delicious!

  • mmmm…chocolate. Love it! It was so fun "hopping" with ya!