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Fall MIxer and Blog Tag

Tagged recently by the lovely Ashley from The Grits Blog I figured today was a great day to respond.
What am I working on?
From a work perspective I am at the moment winging my way to Saskatoon to complete some work at the airport, a quick trip where I am flying in and out the same day, makes for one long a… day but at least I get to be home in my bed.  Leaving at 4:45 a.m. and returning home tonight at 11:00 p.m. From a blog perspective I am heading to #SparkSessions for the weekend, Canada’s premier Fashion and Beauty blogger Conference. I am catching a train for the first time since University and heading to a conference on my own, wish me luck that I meet some friends.
How does my blog differ from others in my genre?
I wanted to post something really deep and meaningful but what the heck let’;s call it like it is.
Let’s see, I am technically a Fashion Blogger that posts about food, crafts travel and wine…. that’s slightly different then most fashion blogs.  I have rarely posted on what I want or what you should buy post… although I do keep thinking about that one and one of the biggest differences is probably my age. I am no spring chicken and many of the bloggers I follow are the right age to be my daughter.  There are a few bloggers in my genre that are my age but not a lot.
Why do I write what I write?
I write what I feel, and I post what I want. 
I love posting outfit pictures really that is why I started this adventure but I always feel the need to share a bit of myself in every post.
I also have another part of me, the part that loves crafting and baking and holidays.
The part that loves to travel and enjoys her wine and beer
I love sharing all of the pieces of me so during the week you will discover what I am wearing and how I feel and on the weekends it will be what I love doing and what is inspiring me
How does my writing process work?
Sometimes I am inspired by other bloggers, sometimes by life events happening to me but always I let the words flow. I rarely pre-plan my daily posts, I wear an outfit, I resize the pictures and then I start to type ….I wish I had a better system but not yet.  I have read several blog posts about planning in advance and I really want to be that person but something else always gets in my way. I do have several “draft posts| of outfits and trips taken that eventually I will use but the narrative must still be written.
Todays outfit is a hodgepodge of patterns but I love it.
A Buffalo Plaid Shirt from Forever 21, a skull scarf from Yosa and Leopard boots from Shoe Dazzle.
add a bit of leather and a boyfriend jean from Old Navy and there we have it.
skull scarf
leopard boots and buffalo plaidborfriend jeans with plaid and leopard

a collage of patterns

leopard boots shoe dazzle

mixing patterns

leopard and plaid

plaid and skulls

yosa skull scarf

I almost forgot part of the Blog Tag is naming two other bloggers to carry on the torch… I did not have a chance to check with the lovelies that I am going to name but I hope they will forgive me and be able to play along
1) is Ada, from Elegance and Mommyhood, who often get photo-bombed by the cutest doll ( and who often showcases this little doll in her own stylish outfits).  I found Ada through a few common linkups when I first started blogging last year and have continued to follow her.
1elegance and mommyhood2amy fashion blog
2) next up is Amy from Amys Fashion Blog, another awesome blogger I have been following for a while.
Both of these bloggers have always inspired me not just for their blogs but for the love they have shown to the blogging community, you will always catch them posting lovely comments, sharing info about other bloggers and overall making one feel very welcome.

and for Alice and TBT

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  • I admire your confidence. I can see you're no fashionista but I learn a lot from your outfit: comfort is the first, which is very true.

  • OHH YOU ARE FABULOUS IN ALL OF YOUR MIXED PRINTS. I want all of those 3 patterned pieces. also. Loved reading more about your blogging process and finding out more about you. Linda. =)

    And you totally made my day by nominating me (I edited today's post also and mentioned this post). I wrote a similar post like these just a few weeks ago. I will write one again but in December (if you don't mind). I don't want to be repetitive. Amy is wonderful and supportive, also.

    Thanks for nominating us again. And, hand those booties and the plaid shirt over ASAP!! =D

  • Those boots!!!!

  • Your shoes are really cute!

  • love your print combination!
    and also your nails!

    i remember i loved that scarf when i saw kriss jenner wearing it

  • Hello Linda! I think the hodge podge makes for a great outfit 😉 Love those leo booties.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  • Love your shoes! 🙂

  • How fun is all the fall print mixing going on! Have fun at this blogging conference – it sounds like a great event!


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