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Just a Classic Gal at Heart

I hope all those to the south had a wonderful Thanksgiving as for those to the North well I didn’t get an awesome turkey dinner but I did have some chicken and watched football, although my teams did not perform as I wished…
As promised the boys did perform last night and they were awesome and a special surprise a great friend and photographer was there and took some amazing pictures. And is he not amazing???
To bad this Dad has no pride in his boys LOL,

Kent and the boys

 The serious faces of a serious band,  check them both out RM and The Honest Heart Collective and Steve Gerecke. and if you are in Toronto They are playing Friday night at the Horseshoe.

RM and The Honest Heart Collective

For me and my blog world I sadly did not make the top ten in Made in Blog, not that I was surprised but I was a bit thrown by the final 10 and expected to see a cross country selection, but hey its all about who votes right?? Thank you to those that did vote it was appreciated and just maybe I will be back next year.  For an outfit today I went for the conservative understated look… say what?? I know this is really me and I went with the basic Tweed Skirt, Cashmere sweater and black boots.Add some pearls and it is you classic ladylike outfit.  Threw on my Fav Red Coat, a leopard scarf and gloves and there ya have it…. Believe it or not,not one new piece on me and most very old, Skirt is over 10 years old, Sweater 3 years, Boots two years and  Coat I believe was last year ( Old Navy)

old navy red coat

leopard scarf

Joe Fresh Cashmere sweater

forever 21 pearls

tweed skirt from winners

pearls forever 21

GH Bass Boots, Tweed Skirt
So do you ever just go classic, no trends, no gimmicks, just classic understated pieces, they can at times make as much as a statement as the most trendy of pieces. ( and if you are noticing the curls still that is thanks to my instawave)
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