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Kaleidoscope of Blogging

“Fall Back” is that time of year that the clocks roll back and you think you are getting an extra hour in your day but really why then am I as tired as ” Spring Forward” when we lose an hour. I think its because it gets dark so, so, so early.  I sit here and by 8:30 I am thinking is it time for bed  it has been dark for so many hours that my little brain is tricked into believing that it is bed time. ( and I say little brain not to be mean to myself but just as a means of expressing how I feel at the moment)

So in an attempt to retrain my brain and start thinking positive thoughts I am going to think of awesome things, to be precise ten (10) awesome things that bring a smile to my face and a happy feeling in my heart:
1) It is almost Christmas time, the shelves are being stocked with awesome christmassy goodness and how can one not smile about Christmas right??? Walking into Michael s and seeing all those crafting supplies…thinking of projects I need to try.. Milk bottle crafts for me this year.
2) My new cat crawling into my lap, wow, she can lay there for hours and then when she wakes she always has kisses to share, 
sleeping cat
3) Christmas music, I found two new Christmas CD’s that I didn’t have yet… I adore Christmas music and think nothing of wondering around the house singing my little heart out.
4) Christmas is my excuse for playing this video over and over again.

5) Getting snail mail and parcels, I love getting parcels in the mail, its like Christmas morning all year long when parcels arrive. Friday it was three pairs of shoes from Shoe Dazzle, today a sweater and necklace from lookbook

6) Getting selected for a campaign or something free, I am still so new that everytime this happens I get a huge smile on my face, my opinion matters….

7) Christmas smells, cinnamon and cloves, a hint of orange, fresh vanilla, gingerbread all those awesome smells that come out this time of year in the form of candles.

8) Lets not forget last Friday opening the door to the awesomeness of little ones trick or treating

9) Fall colours, the leaves are still in their awe inspiring moment, although the winds lately are doing their best to hurry things along but for today the awesome colours of fall still remain


10) Fall Fashions, sweaters and tights and boots and scarves…. i hate the cold but I do love fall fashions. which leads me too…  my OOTD,

 A dress I found last year at Banana Republic, how amazing is this pattern??? add some colourful tights my new shoes from ShoeDazzle and I am set.  Graphic necklace purchased at the airport and a Boyfriend Cardigan from Old Navy

dress collage

and true to form I do not usually wear my heels outside so my Black Boots from GH Bass were a perfect addition, along with a black scarf and I was set for my workday commute.
add a cardigan


blue tights black and white shoes

Banana Republic dress,

kaleidoscope dress banana republic

  • I adore the fact that Christmas is so prevalent on your list! I feel the same way too. I saw the milk bottles at Michael's too. I'd love to hear or see what you are going to do. As always, I love your outfits; bold colors, patters, and a radiant smile. You exude confidence and and beauty and warmth!

    • thanks I so love Christmas and I picked up milk bottles last trip to Michaels to play with

  • Love the blue tights! And I agree with Anne. I always, always smile when I come here.

  • I love your dress! And the blue tights with those shoes are a really interesting look, at first it looked like you were wearing black, white and blue shoes with matching tights so they look like a whole new pair when worn with another outfit.

    Your new cat is a cutie, I love having lap cats.

    • Thanks and she is a lap kitty. I thought the same when I saw the pictures that it looked like a tri colour shoe

  • I love Christmas but have really thought about it much. You dress is amazing. Love the heels you paired with it.

  • You are absolutely right – who couldn't smile with everything Christmas all around? I'm loving your new shoes – black and white is my go-to 🙂

  • Your cat looks like a little fox or wolf pup! I was thinking, 'No way does she have a fox for a pet!?!?!'

  • What a cute kitty! I love your outfit by the way!

    • I am ind of attached to her, we have only had her for a week but we love her tons already

  • How beautiful you are in teal. Love that dress. The print is fantastic!

  • So cute, your kitty cat gettin into a little ball like my pups to keep warm! Love that picture of the leaves, and your house/ Gorgeous. The print in this dress and the shape is perfect on you Linda! Love it, the shoes are a great match!
    I am with you , dont like to be cold, but love fall
    from the link up,

    please stop by, jess xx


    • love stopping by, thanks for the visit and the compliments

  • I love Christmas music too! And all things Christmas 🙂 I'm happy we're finally getting closer to the holidays!

  • I lllove the blue tights with your dress – I wouldn't have thought to do that. I am so excited Christmas is around the corner. In my neck of the woods, we have this thing called market days. I just bought my early bird ticket so that I could shop before all of the crowds show up.

  • That dress is SO fun! I love it with those black and white heels. LOVE!

  • I love your fun blue tights and dress!

  • I love those colored tights with this. I wish I was brave enough to wear colored tights.


    P.S. Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  • I also start playing Christmas songs already at home. This weekend, we'll look for decorations from the basement.

  • the shoes and the tights are so original! great combo

  • Such a sweet,cute list you made. Your cat is precious, cats are my favorite. Also, the time is tricking us. My nana thought it was acceptable to try and go up for bed the other day at 6pm, LOL!

  • Looks pretty! The dress and those tights are cute.