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Hmmm you may have noticed these pretty little widgets on my side bar over the past few days weeks so i thought i might give you a bit of a heads up as to what the heck is going on.

Made in Blog  a contest whose aim is to showcase the best Canadian blogs of the year in every predefined category. The MiB Awards also provide a unique opportunity to create an event surrounding the Canadian blogosphere and to thank all its participants.

I am not sure about the rest of you but sometimes I  have trouble locating fellow Canadian Bloggers and this site is perfect,  bloggers in every category just waiting for you to click over fall in love and follow. Add to that a contest and what blogger does not like a contest,  am I right??? 

The contest will take place in three stages

1st stage, registration:

All Canadian bloggers and vloggers can register by completing the following registration form.

2nd stage, reader’s vote: We are here at the moment

Time for the readers to vote! Thanks to the online voting system seen below, your readers can vote for their favourite blog in each specified category:
– Each reader can only cast one vote per category throughout the duration of the contest.
– In each category, the 10 blogs/vlogs with the most votes will be selected for the final phase of the jury vote!

3rd stage, the Jury’s vote:

The jury will have the responsibility to designate each winner per category. The jury’s decision will be based on specific criteria and a rigorous process: aesthetics, ergonomics, usability, functionality, interactivity, the presence of information about the author, the originality of the content, the clarity of the writing, the article’s relevancy, the transparency and authenticity, spelling, grammar, aesthetics of the blog-posts, form, engagement, audience and influence of the blog.
More details in the contest policy.

We are currently in Stage two meaning ( OK shameless plug here)  I need your votes…. so if you wouldn’t mind doing this gal a tremendous favour,  click on my two links and cast your vote.  

and then this will be me.
and did I forget to mention when you vote you get a chance to win awesome prizes, see win/win
So a few specific facts for you to ponder over from the Made in Blog site: 

Which blogs/vlogs can participate in the contest?

All Canadian bloggers/vloggers can register. All participation in the competition implies acceptance of these rules, waiving all claims concerning the conditions of organization and conduct of the competition, the results and the awarding of prizes. The company reserves the right to exclude any person failing to comply with this regulation. Participants must have had a blog/vlog for at least three months and have published at least two articles per month.
May be refused to the “MiB Awards”, the blogs that contain illegal content under Canadian law. Blogs/vlogs that don’t respect public order contain pedophile or pornographic content or defamatory, racist or derogatory comments will not be allowed.

Who can register a blog/vlog ?

Registration for a blog/vlog may be made only by the blogger/vlogger himself. Once the required form is completed, a confirmation link will be sent to the specified email to confirm the registration.

How many times can you vote?

Any person, whether a blogger, a vlogger, a reader or user can only vote once for a blogger per category.

In how many categories can a blog be registered?

A blog/vlog can enroll in two different categories during the registration period for the MiB Awards. However, a blog/vlog can be nominated as one of the 10 finalists in only one category, the one where it received the most votes.
Should any blogger be voted as a finalist in several categories, the category where that blog will have received the most votes will be selected and the next runner up will advance to the final phase.

What are the responsibilities of the organizers? (Confidential decision)

The organizers will, in no way, be held responsible for the malfunction of the Internet network, the send off and reception of emails, the damage caused by the postal services, the suspension or cancellation of the contest.
The organizers have the obligation to keep secret the information obtained via the “MiB Awards” contest, such as the identities of the bloggers/vloggers, the results, the jury’s statements related to the vote.

What will my personal information be used for?

The information requested for the MiB Awards registration, has no commercial purpose and will not be disclosed to any Made in Blog partners. Made in Blog will only use this information to ensure the proper follow-through for the contest and to confirm the identity of the blogger/vlogger.
So hop on over check it out and for heavens sake if you have not registered and/or voted what are you waiting for.

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