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Can we talk about my hair???? I mean seriously this do today took me a grand total of two minutes… unfriggin believable right….. I am going to post a video this weekend ( priorities people house decorating must come first) I truly want to show you this amazing Instawave by Kiss that I received.
but  before we get to the hair can we take a few minutes and take a sneak peak at my village?? Considering the fact that it was my Tuesday Night Activity, I thought I could share…..

 one of my favourites parts of Christmas is getting my village set up, do you have a favorite Christmas tradition/activity???

With our boys here for some Movember fundraising, forgive me if my wish is internal to us, wishing the boys a successful show this evening with lots of attendees/fans
So back to me and my hair……Yesterday I washed my hair and with zero time to dry, straighten, fix.. I pulled it into a slightly messy braid look, emphasis on the messy part.

This morning I undid the braid and had what one might call a frizzy haphazard look, well I had a few options available rebraid, try to straighten ( but who has time) or try the new wand I received.  I seriously took 4 swirls with the wand and this is the result.. imagine if I actually took the time. and If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my first attempt.
Most of you know by now that anyone with curly hair wants straight and straight hair gals want curls, well this curly/wavy gal may be convinced to stop straightening based on getting curls like this. Thankfully I felt like I was having a great hairday because it was not a stellar outfit day… I love all the pieces but something just felt slightly off, maybe the hole in my tights or the fact my slip kept showing… not sure but this is not my favourite look.

Dress is Merino Wool from Zellers, Jacket Rue 21 and Boots from Nine West,  none currently available but I think I have some alternatives for you. The necklace is from Lookbook and it is still available,
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  • love love love your hair and your village.

  • pretty look love the black leather and the green. My mom in law has the village peices, I love your collection. Great hair too Linda!!
    Happy Thanksgiving
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  • Cute outfit! I love your little village! My aunt has one and I love looking at the lights inside the houses when we go over for Christmas. Haha, hopefully that doesn't make me a creeper.

  • you village is too cute. Also your hair looks amazing.

  • I did a Christmas Village for years and loved it! You might just inspire me to get it back out again! And let's talk about your hair…I love it!! It looks so pretty!!! I may have to look into that. Although my hair is pin straight…wonder if it would hold a curl like your does.