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Pearls and Leopard

Mediums, patterns, doesn’t really matter what I touch lately I love mixing.  Give me a little leopard and inevitably lately I want to add pearls, then maybe some leather.  Biker chick meets Social Chic meets Jackie K’s clone ( ok not really but you get the picture right?)
Today I am flashing back to an outfit from last week I never got to show you, and thank heaven because this weekend I was a tad busy at #SparkSessions, a post or two that I will be working on for you.  Loved this conference and the opportunity to met some Canadian Bloggers and two of my dare I say it “over 40″blogging idols.
On the train back home I had a ton of ideas floating through my head of how to take you through the conference with me and I think I will run a little series on not just the conference but on all the wonderful sponsors. ( I will take you through the agenda and all the great events they had planned)
For today however you are stuck with me and my outfit of choice. I am not sure about the rest of you but me I sometimes have a hard time picking which shoes I want to wear…..and trust me with the excessive amount I own picking one can be a chore. I, for the record. have never been that gal that can take one pair of shoes away, not even just two most times.  I am proud of myself that I only took two pairs of boots to a Fashion Conference, can you imagine and then actually wore the same pair twice OOPS.
You may have seen this outfit on Instagram so you will know that I went with the black booties.  brown all the way next time, both pairs are from Forever 21.
forever 21 booties
Funny story I think the gentleman beside me thinks I am crazy as he has watched me edit pictures of myself during this train ride and scroll through every form of social media I have trying to catch up, follow new people and discover great new blogs from this weekend.  This blog world we live in sure is not understood by the outside world is it.
One of the two pleather jackets I found last week at Rue 21, buy one get one half price so Kent said get’em both, so score for me right.  I have been wanting a looser fitting moto jacket since Meagan at Because of Jackie started styling hers so much,  I had style envy no question.
rue 21 brown pleather jacket
Loved the leather piping down the leggings
leather and leopard

leopard dress Old Navy
Dress has been with me for a few years, Old Navy never disappoints does it and the leggings were a steal of a deal from Target last year.  Pearls are two sets one from Go Jane and the shorter one from Forever 21.
mixing mediums, leather, pearl and leopard

go jane pearls mixed with leopard

fall colours

necklace mixing, pearls
Tell me I am not the only one that layers necklaces?? I love the look you get when you pair them together but honestly all these pearls were a tad bit heavy. 

a ton of pearls

Previous wears:( these are awful because they are from when I first started blogging oops)

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  • i am not a fashionista but i love how you mix the pearls with the leopard top!

  • Scenery there looks like it's autumn still. How lovely! It's now officially winter here in the nordic with minus celcius degrees.

  • Jenn erin

    Loving the leopard and pearls~

  • pearls and leopard are a love of mine. so glad that the conference went well!

  • so fun conference then?
    i said i love plaid and pearls but i think i like leopard and pearls even more!

  • testing my profile to see if I am now a "reply Blogger"

  • Great find at Rue 21!!! Love that jacket!! And your comment above is cracking me up!! Ha! Hopefully you fixed it!! 🙂 And the outside world will never understand us crazy bloggers!! LOL!

  • Hi Linda! I am with you on mixing textures and such. Love the jacket and think the leopard dress is very flattering on you.The boots are cool and why not pearls! love it
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

  • So true that the outside world does not understand blog world! They don't know what they are missing : )

  • I am loving your biker chic looks lately! And also, your brown and black combos…very cool!

  • love the 2nd outfit !:) but both are very classy and gorgeous!!!


  • I Love pearls =)

  • I love your pearl earrings!