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Take me to Buffalo, or not

I may not be in Buffalo but I am still not happy, minus fourteen with the windchill was not what I wanted to experience today. I know it could be worse, we could have gotten in excess of one foot of snow, but this is still not November. Standing outside without a coat did not last long, so enjoy the solitary picture.  I did snap a few others but apparently I have not mastered the “Model’s” ability to pretend I am in sunshine and warmth, the painful expression on my face was telling.
Why is mother nature playing such a cruel trick on us??? Forecast for next week is fall is back but I will believe it when I see it. I am seriously feeling bad for Buffalo, have you seen that snow.

 Shopping the closet again, three Michael Kors pieces, all purchased at different times.  I found the skirt in Tannersville in October, the blouse in November and then the sweater this September. They all are a perfect match and my favourite colours. Pearls from Forever 21 and Boots from GH Bass ( Shoes were George )

Michael kors green and navy
skirt (similar)  blouse (similar) sweater (similar) this September.Pearls from Forever 21  Boots  
Shoes  similar  
My amazing windowpane coat was a Target purchase last winter. 
stripes and colour blocks

snow in November

Michael by Michael Kors

target windowpane coat
In keeping with the random Wednesday theme I wanted to touch on last weekend at Spark Session,  my first fashion and beauty blog conference and my first meeting with fellow bloggers. The blog world is to funny so many people you stare at thinking hey don’t I know you???? and quite possibly yes you do.. I finally meet two of the bloggers that I have been following and corresponding a bit with. Iva from Falling in Style who was actually leading a fantastic panel on taking your blog further, we have been Instagram buddies for awhile now and of course I have always followed her blog.  Then there was Deborah from Fabulous after 40, funny story I quite literally had just sent Deborah some outfit pictures while I was on the train to Toronto and then we ended up at the same table.  It was great to meet fellow bloggers and we we started strategizing about trying to get an Over 40 get together going,  anyone else in???
spark sessions Saturday

spark sessions
Summary of Spark Sessions and my outfits will follow soon.

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  • Green and stripes look good on you. Lovely!

  • i love your greenish outfit, just perfect for the holidays!

  • Oh. The. Cold. NOOOOO NOOOO NOOOOOO. It's 26 here in Tallahassee right now – which might as well be snow for us.

    LOVE the panel skirt. I had a red and black that I loved and just wore out!

  • I know you're n Canada but I read that yesterday all fifty states including Hawaii were under 32. That is crazy!

  • WOW IT IS COLDDDDDD THERE! I love the stunning coat. Also, you know I loe you in greens and yellows. Beautiful skirt and sweater. =)

  • I love the photo's with this post. Snow always looks lovely, but I'm glad we don't get to much of it here in the UK.

    • looks lovely in pictures and if you do not have to go outside. Thank you

  • Love the outfit! I have about as much snow as you do too, plus the cold temps. Brrrr!

  • I cannot even believe how much snow Buffalo got… crazy!

  • woah! Linda, I love the look of snow, but moved becuase it was too cold in Pittsburgh. Love that you met with Deborah, and you look great in the green, the MK outfit paired with the plaid. I also love the mixing you did with the sweater outfit Love her sweater dress too!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

  • Jenn Erin

    You look great even in the cold weather! Love it!

  • i'm grateful i live in florida. i haven't seen snow since i was 8 and hope to keep it that way LOL. i love how you mix the prints! and congrats on your first blog conference!!!


  • Yeah, I would not want to be in Buffalo for that! I just love your outfit, can't go wrong with MK! And, I really want your plaid coat! Thanks so much for linking up with What Wives Wear, hope to see you back next week!