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The Importance of Me.

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Taking time for yourself is not an indulgence. It’s a necessity and a great way to deal with stress and I swear I am not making this up, it is on the internet so it must be true right????

Recently while surfing ( on the net lol) I came across “The Importance of Me Time” an article on the Alberta Health Services website that actually states “ It may sound obvious, but many of us forget to take time for ourselves. People have all sorts of expectations for themselves and the drive to meet those can make it hard to take time” . The article actual went on to state we need to take breaks and we need to feel guilt free about it so who am I to argue with the experts right?? Then, to really stress the importance of how to take a break the above cartoon was attached to the article and it seemed very appropriate that I had just picked up the recent copy of People Style Watch and People Magazine.

I love my StyleWatch and People and although I usually reserve the purchase of both magazines for when I am travelling, last week  there was a $1.00 off coupon via the JUST4U Online portal. The coupon is valid from 10/23/14-11/20/14 (grab it fast while supplies last). Well I ask you, what’s a girl to do…. grocery shopping at Safeway on Thursday they were just staring me in the face, so I snatched the two magazines up and then they sat on my coffee table till Sunday…….
time magazines

I know….. don’t judge, it took me a few days to find some me time but I did. Saturday I stole a few hours vegging on the couch, sipping my tea in front of the TV. Some serious me time scouring my fav magazines looking for style inspiration while still in my PJ’s.
me time with style watch

True confession time, this actually did happen, but sharing a blanket with my furbaby does not impede my “me time” I still managed to flip through the pages, caught up with what Kate was up to, discovered a few new bloggers thanks to “You Got it Right” and now I have a new list of what I “must get” this winter.

me time with my furbaby
It is true you know Me time is a time to rediscover who we are, a time to recharge your batteries and reflect on what inspires us and then of course it is our responsibility to be inspired and share that inspiration but for now the magazines are back in the living room on the ottoman, there for a purpose, to remind me to take 5 or 10 for me.

How do you recharge??? Do you take me time???

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  • glad you find some me time. I try my best to find a little me time every day.

  • I realized that when I find time for me I do everything better, and quicker! in act I have more spare time! and also, I am happier!