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Winter Wonders

I am going to just throw it out there with a slight qualifier…. I love Christmas and I love the Holidays but I hate, despise, loathe pick a work any word snow and cold.  There I said it,  how truly uncanadian right???
Yes I now when snow first falls it is so pretty and pristine… and that lasts till you have to go out and shovel and then the pristine conditions start looking dingy.  Then you add the salt and sand for the roads and the boots start getting salt marks.. not so pretty people.

The you have the snowflakes well if they are all unique and pretty why in heck do they photograph as splotches and usually in places you do not want them am I right???  Check out my third picture,  I love the picture but I do not love the dot in the middle of my face and yes I a sure if i was a professional or took a course i could fix it but my skill set so far it was far prettier to leave it as is, trust me on that one and as for the cold well holy batman people it is minus 14 with the windchill. ( celsius not fahrenheit just to clarify I guess yes it could be worse )  November is not a time for snow and cold.  For this Canadian gal light fluffy snowflakes starting on the 24th, a beautiful dusting covering everything on the 25th and abracadabra gone on the 26th.

Did a shop my closet yesterday and realized I have worn almost nothing from last year yet…. hmmm maybe this girl has a slight problem?? At least I have many possibilities for outfits 1) cuz they are new outfits to those of you who started reading this little ole blog of mine since March and 2) who really remembers what we wore last Novmeber anyway right???

I love this outfit, it is one of the most comfortable skirt outfits you can find and all in shades of black and grey.( PS the hat is new, found it at American Eagle Outlet Store in North Conway for $5.00)
 ( similar and love this one)

snow in Ottawa

american eagle beannie

Sweater is my Old Navy Boyfriend Cardigan, Skirt from Ricki’s ( suitable replacement) and camisole from Vanheusen (similar). Tights are from Tommy Hilfiger (close) and wedges from George (similar). Scarf is a pashmina scarf from the airport boutique and jewellery is Zellers (close).

Old Navy Boyfriend Cardigan

argyle tights

shades of grey gray

Rickis colour block skirt

knit layers

knit skirt

grey cardigan

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So moving away from the fact that I am freezing and not happy with the overall weather, I figured you may all be suffering from the same ailment so what do we do to feel better….  well lets try and win some Kate Spade that usually works right???

kate spadeIt’s snowing in the Canada, in the  midwest. And maybe Texas too! As we brace for the Bomb Cyclone (this year’s Polar Vortex), some of my blogging buddies came together to cozy you up with a Kate Spade Cozy Giveaway. It includes the cutest KS earrings that you’ve seen on all the blogger’s wish lists (maybe even your own), some Kate Spade socks with some fab polka dots, and a $10 Starbucks gift card to warm you up as you cuddle up wherever you are. kate spade earrings

novemeber bloggers

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Liz | Trish | Linda

Faith | Nina | Emelia

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  • I love this look! I'm a huge fan of gray, that skirt rocks! AND those tights!

  • That is such a cute outfit! I love it all. 🙂 And I actually like snow. Of course, I live in south Texas so I don't exactly see snow very often. LOL

  • I cannot believe how cold is there already but you are still super stylish in gray. The other day I wore argyle tights and I linked to a pair very similar to yours.

  • i wear two capes of almost everything! and then when it is getting hotter, i start taking off layers like an onion

  • Love the textures and pattern in this tonal look…and the snowflakes, too! Snow and cold definitely make it harder to be a blogger, I struggle a lot with it, too!

  • It's funny how you hate snow while i've been dreaming to get my hands on it, hated summer here, really it is super hot!

  • I stay cozy in the winter by staying in my pj's, covering up with my blanket and sipping hot chocolate 🙂

  • hats and scarves!!! I'm all bundled up!