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Christmas Review

Merry Christmas Everyone, hoping that all of you had a fabulous two days, I apparently took an unexpected blogging break due to a little thing called germs..  yep unfortunately the cold germs found me on Christmas Eve and haven’t left yet. I missed work on Wednesday but I did make it to church. I also follow the adage dress well feel well, so ignoring how I was feeling I tried to step it up a bit for the holiday.

I found this skirt years ago at Winners and still find myself every year pulling it out for the holidays. ( mind you it is a bit tighter in the waist then it was when I first found it dang)
Santa on a skateboard, Rudolph in a martini glass,but it is festive and fun, do you have that one holiday item that you wear year after year??

christmas skirt, black cardigan, black wedge boots

Keeping it simple with a black cardigan from Banana Republic and a black lace tank from Winners, debated footwear for a bit but the black wedge boot seemed to work.  Necklace is Marks from Avon and earrings -Le Chateau
beaded purse from avon, christmas skirt

black cardigan from banana republic and christmas skirt

banana republic cardigan and christmas skirt

pondering Christmas Eve, in a festive skirt

christmas skirt

Black wedge boots and a christmas skirt

beaded christmas purse

christmas skirt

Christmas Eve Service, a tradition that I hope I never miss, there is something about hearing the story told through the voices of children,  oh yea I should mention we always go to the 7:00 ( now 7:30) service, because the magic of the season can always be found in the children right??
So happiy Holidays, hopefully I am a better blogger over the rest of 2014 but no promises because we are heading to Charlotte for the Belk  Bowl.
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