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Come Home For Christmas

Today I can finally after a week link up with Ashley and #Blogmas14 for favourite song. I truly do not understand how anyone can limit their Christmas songs to just one but in an attempt to cooperate I have picked one of my fav’s “Please Come Home For Christmas”  maybe because I really wish everyone could be here or maybe because I couldn’t link Hallelujah ( By Ryan). This song speaks to me and I hope it speaks to you.

Today Kent and I took the day off to get ready for our Open House on Saturday ( can’t wait to show you pics from that day) so I went the casual route. I found this Tunic at Banana Republic a few years ago for a steal, paired with a long sleeved tee, black leggings and my Giant Tiger Boots it was the perfect stay home and get ready outfit.
I did need some frsh air and a few groceries so throw on my fur vest ( Gap, 2007) scarf from Jacobs and gloves from Danier and add in a few snow flakes cuz SURPRISE it was sonowing.

fur vest from Gap, scarf from Jacobs

green leopard scarf from Jacob's, leather gloves Danier

fur vest and green tunic from Banana Republic

giant tiger suede boots black leggings

tunic and fur vest, leather gloves danier

giant tiger boots, j crew leggings

j crew leggings, giant tiger boots jacob scarf and banana republic leggings

playing in the snow

snow ball fight

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Last weekend before Christmas so take a breather folks, and a quick listen to help you relax.

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  • Wow! Look at all that pretty snow! Love your fur vest!
    Dawn Lucy

  • Love it! Nice look!
    Follow you!
    Follow me back?!

  • OMG this outfit is fantastic. Don't work to hard on cleaning your house.

  • I saw this outfit on Instagram and loved it and pinned it right away. You look great in a french cap. Your olive sweater dress and animal-print matchy scarf are too cute and look beautiful together. You are always so stylish and on trend, even in the coldest type of weather, Linda. =)

    P.S. Hope you enjoyed my post yesterday.

    Have a great Holiday weekend – the last one before Christmas!

    <3 Ada.

  • HI Linda
    Happy Holiday,you know I am a fna of the sweater dress. Love the olive and black and how you can have fun in the snow. Brr. Southern girl here.
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

  • Such a great song, I also love your outfit. Send some snow my way!!

  • I love this song! I am divorced but will be spending the holidays with my kids and grandsons-my total life! Nice outfit I like a lot bu the snow and cold I can''t deal with anymore as I am getting older but mainly due to having COPD and hard for me to breathe in it! Love to look at the snow though. It is beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!