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My Coats of Many Colours

In Canada we love our coats, well I am not sure if we love them or because of where we live we learn to embrace them, kind of like the chicken and egg joke right, which came first?? Cold weather gear doesn’t stop with coats, it includes hats and scarfs and mittens and gloves and boots… all great accessories until you have to wear them every day, trust me.  If you live in a warmer place then yes you get a little coat envy at times but truly that is only because you do not have to wear them ( to stay warm) It can be fun at the beginning of the season to dig out the coats, try some different scarfs, add a hat, some boots and then it hits -20 and its not even December or you hear that snowmaggedon is on its way and you know that you will be shoveling out. Great exercise that shoveling but it is likely to cut into my picture taking time, darn, first world issues/blogger problems.
I do so love my coats and like many other things in my life I just may have a few to many but then again can one have to many in Canada??? 
Today we are focusing on my pink coat, I found this at Target last year and because its a junior I really had to size up to accommodate this mature figure of mine, the large fit perfectly except I thought it was to snug in the chest so I took it back and for the first time ever I purchased an XL and darn it, it is to big but I love the style and I love the colour and I was not prepared to give it up (plus it was on super sale 29.99 so heck I will figure this out). It doesn’t look way to big but it is far roomier than a coat should be and one of these days I will check into getting it tailored.
boots from Shoe Dazzle, Pink coat from target

shoe dazzle over the knee boots

Boots shoe dazzle and pink coat from Target

Pink coat from Target

Target Pink Coat

pink coat Target
 and another sad fact about living in Canada in the winter, glasses steam up/frost up alot
glitter hat american eagle

A funky hat, scarf and plaid gloves and the coat gets a new look

plaid gloves joe fresh

 So as much as one great coat is all a gal really needs with some great scarfs, this one well.. lets just say I may have a few… just a glimpse into the winter world we live in and a sampling of coats cuz sadly no this is not all of them

Black Wool Fairweathers.
Black Wool Coat Fairweathers
 Red Blend Old Navy
red ncoat Old Navy
Brown Wool- Ricki’s
brown jacket Rickis
Charcoal Cashmere Blend Fairweathers 
charcoal cashmere Fairweathers
Blue Windowpane -Target 
Blue window pane pattern coat target
White Leather Danier 
white leather coat danier
Do you have a coat addiction or have you invested all your hard earned money into one or two quality classic pieces??
For  Blogmas14 Christmas is a time for family, a time to reflect on all the positive and good in our lives and to try to let go of the negative.  Near or Far family is always in my thoughts especially at this time of year. 

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  • So much snow, we don't have any here in Finland. Snow is better to have when the holiday draws near.

    • I wish we only had it during the holidays, I am not a snow bunny

  • I live in upstate NY so we also have lots of snow. I love the pink coat, although I would be afraid it would get dirty fast.

    • It does get dirty around the bottom ( that icky sand and salt that coats the cars and we brush by, but so far I have managed to get away with spot cleaning

  • i loved all the coats and espcially the pink coat. it looks fabulous. i loved the scarf which is in combination with the coat. the whole get up looks very stylish.
    Era Light (Melissa George)

  • I really like your baby pink coat. I have a few coat but my hubby has the coat addiction in the family.

  • You look fantastic in red, Linda. Love the light pink coast. But my favorite outfit is the red one with the leop booties. So many fun winter accessories you have, also. =)

  • In Charlotte, I have 3. I have mostly leather jackets as it doesnt get that cold I would be like you in Caada, why not so many pretty coats. Love the pale pink, my fav but you look great i them all!
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  • Yes, coats are a must! I have so many, but honestly? I find a use for all of them, and find that they really jazz up a look and keep me from getting bored! Love all of yours;)