Loving Life after 50

Rediscovering my love for Mr Kobo

Psst I have a secret, blogging has drastically cut into my reading time and I have decided it is time to take back the night.. or at least the bedtime reading part. My Kobo has forgotten the loving touch of my hand and that to me is sad…. I am a voracious reader and I have been known to download multiple books at the same time at the Kobo Store and although my library may or may not look like it belongs to a 50 year old it is for a fact a little sad that it has been ignored and that is unacceptable.

kobo library

Tis true people I do have an eclectic taste in books. Now back to my Reader for just a minute,  I am a book addict, a bit of a hoarder of books,  honestly I really love books and I love collecting ” Series” so I was a bit resistant about converting,  then funny story, I purchased one for Kent for Christmas
( so maybe I could try it out) and he purchased one for me the exact same year…. Well I am a convert, and the best thing about my e-reader is going on trips. I no longer need a suitcase for reading material, I can carry my library in my purse.  And now as a super bonus Kobo has come out with the HD Kobo Aura  H20,  I know WHAT??? It is true, the new waterproof and dustproof Kobo H2O is the perfect holiday gift. Can be taken anywhere and not worry about getting damaged. Use at the pool, the beach or your bathtub – with the Kobo H2O you really can read anywhere, so not only can I carry my library down south I can comfortably still read on the beach, heck even floating in the pool if I so desire ( is this not like a little slice of heaven??) Take note people great gift idea for moi… or maybe someone you love.

new kobo h20

Now if you are still unsure about an e-reader but have an Ipad or a tablet or even a smart phone you can try out the free Kobo App. For me, I now have my library on my phone, on my IPad and on my reader, so I am pretty confident then wherever I am I will have access to a book, getting stuck in waiting rooms or in traffic is no longer quite the disaster it use to be.

kobo app

Back to my initial statement though, blogging has impacted my reading slightly,  I just read the Top 10 Best Reads from Kobo and I have not read any of them.  Holy batman people not one of the top 10 ( but maybe that is because I have been consumed with another series I downloaded from the Kobo Store. ( notice any trends in my library??) This year I think I downloaded every Nora Roberts Series as well as the I am Number Four Series, throw in some Jude deveraux and a few blogging books and who has time for what everyone else likes.

kobo app library

So now I realize I am way behind in my reading and since I just watched Divergent, and really enjoyed it guess which book I am starting with??

Kobo’s Top ten are all books I have heard of, I just have not yet read,  how about you??? Any you might recommend I start with, after Divergent of course.

Gone Girl 
The Fault in Our Stars 
The Goldfinch 
Written in My Own Heart’s Blood 
The Rosie Project 
The Husband’s Secret 

Fun fact for you, did you know that the most downloaded books are often not the most ” completed books”,  and by completed I mean read from cover to cover… makes you wonder about us readers doesn’t it,  we read books we love from cover to cover and then just download what other people tell us what we should read and never finish them…ironically not one of the top ten made the most completed list..

CANADA’S TOP PAGE-TURNERS – The Most Completed Books of 2014
1. Lover Awakened – J.R. Ward
2. Eleven on Top – Janet Evanovich
3. K is for Killer – Sue Grafton
4. Iron Kissed – Patricia Briggs
5. F is for Fugitive – Sue Grafton
6. Sweet Possession – Maya Banks
7. C is for Corpse – Sue Grafton
8. Chasing Perfect – Susan Mallery
9. Plum Spooky – Janet Evanovich
10. The Janus Stone – Elly Griffiths

so while I sit back in front of my tree to reestablish my relationship with Mr Kobo, I am offering you a chance to win one of 20 $100.00 Kobo E Store Credits. How great would that be??

reading on my kobo vox
“Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Kobo and I received 
Compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”
  • Fantastic post, now stop writing and start reading all of those best sellers!

  • Going to have to try this app out. Side note your Pj's pants are too cute.

  • Interesting about "most downloaded books are often not the most "completed books"". I read at least 1 book a week.

    • I thought so too, obviously shows the power of peer pressure or media pressure doesn't it

  • Love your blog!!