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Snowmaggeden Part 1

I am being a bit sarcastic in my title as we did get a pile of snow Wednesday but it is by no means a snowmaggeden yet… although based on the reaction of Ottawa drivers you would think that the world had come to an end or that they have never seen this white stuff before.  Seriously Kent made a comment at supper that maybe we should have summer and winter drivers license’s and I think he may be right.  If you are afraid of a few flakes please stay off any highway you truly cause more danger to everyone else.  OK that is it for my rant ( OK for mt first rant of the year because trust me there will be lots more before this winter is over). Plus I am having an amazingly lucky week so who needs to rant, now if I can just win some big money I will be really happy lol.

So Fashion Blogger woes continue, so for you sotherners who think the snow is pretty… well imagine it coming down in big large blobs ( cuz that is what the camera sees).  Our “Sophie’s Choice” is indoor pictures with sucky lighting because at 7:00 A.M. the sun has not yet come out to visit, or outdoors with still minimal lighting but better backgrounds but wait oh yea spotty pictures becuase somehow the camera that you sometimes cannot get to focus on you has no trouble focusing on a white blob.

purple tunic
Tried to shield myself slightly with the umbrella but it just was not working so I embraced the snow, well as much as I will ever embrace the snow.  I have to admit with the exception of a few snowflakes( or white blobs)  the pictures are not that bad considering.. it is 7ish in the morning and it was snowing like a bugger. Temperature was just at freezing so I could manage temporarily without a coat.
old navy purple flannel shirt

kiki larue leather leggings and Purple tunic

giant tiger purple boots
Wearing a purple tunic I found at Zellers a few years ago over an Old Navy Flannel Shirt ( old), wearing my Black KiKi LaRue Leather look leggings and purple boots ( Giant Tiger) The purple were just to show you how I would look at the office not for actually wearing in the snow,  I may sacrifice for fashion but I am a Canadian Girl so I do like to dress appropriately for snow storms.

purple tunic and purple plaid flannel
There ya go, a Canadian Gal getting ready for her commute to work, Brown Jacket from Rickis, Cougar Boots,  hat ( Place D’Orleans Mall Kiosk) and scarf ( not really sure) Gloves are Old Navy 
brown jacket cougar boots and leopard accessories

Rickis Coat and leopard accessories
He looks impressed doesn’t he as he was trying to shovel before work and of course my priority was blog pictures,  kind of like now while I am writing a post he is yep outside shoveling a lot more snow.

winter shoveling

So he may have been clearing all this up as I was writing my post and to make matters even better me taking pictures for the blog of him doing this probably really went over well right??
Ottawa snow storm December 10th, 2014
So it was probably good  great that I spent the evening making Gingerbread Caramel Cups with White Chocolate Mousse and Candy Can Macaroon Cups filled white Chocolate Mousse and topped with White Mousse and a few Mousse shooters.  ( Recipes will be coming really soon I promise) Its my bribe for him shoveling and me blogging..
white chocolate mousse desserts
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  • I'm so jealous of all the snow you're having. It looks so Christmas-y there. We don't have any snow here in Finland, only windy cold storm-y like weather.

  • Oh my gosh, I'm coming over to your house for dessert! haha! That sounds amazing! We haven't really gotten any snow yet. None that actually stuck on the ground anyway. Just flurries. Not that I'm complaining!!! lol

    • company is always welcome so come help us with the desserts and maybe some shoveling

  • WOW that is a ton of snow. Your outdoor snow photos always look so artistic. I love the purple on you and that coat seems so warm!

  • You guy are sure getting hit with snow. We had some snowflake yet. Some stuck to the ground but was gone by the evening. I would love a little more snow. Also you are brave to be taking picture with out a coat on. I would freeze.

    • It wasn't to cold just minus 1 Celsius. Guess we are having a white Christmas

  • I wish we had snow:(((( Send some to the midwest!

  • First of all, you look great-as usual. Secondly, gahhhh what I wouldn't give for some snow!

  • I 100% agree with the concept of seasonal licenses! I think there needs to be some sort of coding for rain too.

    You're braver than I with your photo taking. When there's snow on the ground, I don't go out without a coat!

  • I do enjoying seeing the snow that's showing up on fellow bloggers posts but I am glad that I don't live in it. I grew up in Hawaii so I have no concept even how to dress for the weather. You look great and brave that you did so outdoors for the sake of the blog 🙂


  • Thanks for sharing this cool snow maggeden post, love the mousse! Hope you had a great holiday, happy new year and hope to see you next Friday at Fabulous Friday Party