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My top 10 Over 40 Fashion Bloggers

top 10 bloggers over 40

I follow a lot of blogs and all of them for different reasons, some because they are funny, some for their style, or pictures, or crafts, or baking, or decoration…. you name it I probably follow at least one in that genre. When I first started blogging I really tried hard to find fashion bloggers of my own generation and man I have to tell you not as easy task.  There are a ton of 20 something fashion bloggers and lots of 30 something bloggers but 40 + well not so easy to find. OK, there are a few I am sure, but not all with what I look for,  I did not want to follow someone who writes about high fashion… that is not my style, I didn’t  want to follow someone who just posts magazine pictures of outfits or polyvore sets, I wanted honest to goodness outfit bloggers over 40 whose style I admire.
( oh yea and  whose sites I also like.. yes I have stopped following sometimes when a site is to busy or cartoony or has that busy background you know what I mean right??)
And sadly I need to probably find me the 50 + bloggers now ( I did hit that milestone last January so at the end of this month I will be 50+)  but heck it took me 18 months to find these ladies so help is appreciated if you know great bloggers over 40 and over 50 send me a link.
In the meantime, after 18 moths of blogging I finally have a list of bloggers I truly link in to regularly, I find they have a style I admire, regularly post outfits I could see myself in and add that extra bit to their blogs that mimic my style whether it be about food or wine or crafts, usually bloggers I like are multidimensional. 
So I thought I would copy  a few great bloggers out there and start posting my favourites in the various genres I follow, so to start this Sunday off lets look at my 10 over 40 awesome bloggers.

Not Dressed as Lamb – Well I have to start with Catherine one of the first blogs I found, not sure how I found my way to her site but I have been following her since I started blogging. ( I think I may have found it through Passion for Fashion) A woman of Style.I love her love of colour and how she manages to make everything she wears look amazing.
Pink, black and camel winter style
Biker jacket with white floral sweater and army green trousersPale blue dress over black skinniesPurple skinnies and top with silver and white brogues - over 40 fashion
Fabulous after 40 Deb I stumbled across because I googled about bloggers over 40 and her site came up, man was I excited a blogger over 40 in fashion and in Canada ( score for me) and then meeting her at a conference was a great surprise.  I love that she showcases so many bloggers on her site and I am really excited to watch her blog change over the next while as she starts to focus a bit more on herself and her fabulous style.
Deborah Boland -Fabulous After 40
Lady of Style– Annette has an elegant style that is both classic and ageless but still has a bit of a modern flare. Her site is also bilingual which to me is an awesome accomplishment, posting not only all those fabulous outfits but in two languages, WOW. I found Annette through Catherine in her blogger recommendations and I am so happy I did.
Fashion Fairy Dust– one of my daily reads, Deb is a US blogger who suffers the same trials and tribulations I do in the winter, snow and frigid temperatures.  She always writes with a slight bit of sarcasm and humour and is one of those bloggers I just know we would hit it off in real life.  She has a fun, funky style that is accomplished economically, she shops where I shop and many a time I have seen her in very similar outfits ( and just maybe I got the idea for that great plaid suit from Target from this Miss)
Ava Graces Closet Susan, another Canadian find ( seriously folks you have no idea how tough it is to find Canadian Fashion bloggers and then add age, man…) This is one styling lady with one adorable little one, OK well actually she has a few adorable young’ins but little Ava is featured regularly.  I love Susans style.
Happiness at Midlife– Alice I found through a few link ups I regularly join ( and I also link up with her every Thursday, I love her #TBT linkup where she keeps herself on track by showcasing herself  in outfits from a year ago, great way to keep a body fit and trim)
The Rich Life on a Budget– Adrienne, well what can I say here, a stylish woman with the life I want to lead, OK well actually I already love my life but if I could live my life where she is then it would be perfection. Her love of wine and travel mirrors my own, one of these days I will have to make my way to Napa with Kent and get together with this woman.  (and can we talk about the hats for just one moment…)
Tea Time with Tina – such a fun blogger, Tina showcases not just her fabulous style but also about her parties. It appears this lady like to entertain as much as I do.
Elegantly Dressed and Stylish– Jess is a vintage blogger and by that I mean she wears so very, very well vintage pieces, she always takes me back to a more stylish era,. It suits her so well and also another wine lover who seems to love touring the vineyards as much as I do.

Fashion Adventures at Any Age– finally rounding out my ten is Beata, I found her through a showcase Deb had done at Fabulous after 40, a blogger with an edgy style, love her look and her mix of pieces.
so yes I confess a little picture heavy ( and all borrowed from the respective blogs of each blogger, hope they are ok with this) So my top ten over 40, hope I have given you a chance to discover some great new blogs and if you are already fans well that is OK too. PS Any other over 40/0ver 50 you would like to recommend well send them my way.

  • I'm loving these fashion inspirations now too! I'm heading over their pages. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Love all these ladies and follow them all, except Ava Grace's Closet is new to me, so thanks for the tip! And yes yay for us 40+, 50+, etc bloggers!
    Dawn Lucy

  • This is so great! I am in my mid thirties and feel sometimes like blogging is a 20 's girl game, but then I look at you and the rest of these amazing ladies and see that style does not have an age (which I KNEW), and that age does not matter. Thanks for giving that to me on this snowy Sunday morning;) YOU ROCK.

    • and you can bet your bottom dollar you are in my top 10 for 30+ ( probably even just overall fav)
      Never think you are to old for this

  • so many great blogger. I hope you have a great week.

  • Hi Linda….I'm a new blogger in my 50's and I also highlight my step mom in her 60's and my mom in her 70's! I hope you come check us out! Jodie

  • Linda~Thank you so much! It is crazy flattering to be included with such a great group of uber-stylish over 40 fashionistas! And you're right, we so would have an excellent time if we got the chance to hang out in real life. 🙂

  • Yup, 40 is the new 20 😉 and let us all celebrate for being over 40 and still absolutely fabulous! I follow most of these bloggers and they are just inspiring. For me age is just a number.. I don't hide my age when asked and say it out proudly! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Aww…Linda I feel so honored to be included with these wonderful bloggers! It's bee great getting to know you!


  • Thank you so much Linda, I am very flattered! So glad that you enjoy my blog 🙂 see you at the next link up 🙂 hugs! Beata X

  • Thanks so much Linda, It is such an honor to be recognized and in the company of the women in which you chose as well. I have enjoyed talking with you as well. Will be at your next link up. Enjoying your style as well.
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  • Well, what a huge surprise and honor! Thank you Linda for including me in this groupd of such fun, inspiring and stylish women. I agree whole heartedly with you, its not easy finding 40+ bloggers and then even more difficult to find those of us over 50, but once you do, its so much fun.
    We really do have a lot in common, I look forward to chatting you more often.

  • Great list with some of my favourite bloggers! I just wanted to let you know that I have a HUGE list of 40+ bloggers and I don't think you are on it yet? You can arrange them by country also. One blogger from Canada you definitely need to visit is SuzanneCarillo.com There is even even a blogger metope in Canada (Vancouver) in August! Trina will be there as well. Details are on Suzanne's site.

  • LPC

    Great list.

    Over-50 you have Une Femme D'Un Certain Age, Materfamilias sometimes does outfit posts, so does Janet at The Gardener's Cottage and I do them too – at http://www.amidprivilege.com. Then there's Over 50 Feeling 40, and others:)

  • Linda thank you SO much for including me as one of your top 10…I'm so flattered, and in such great company!! I'm so pleased to say I do know all these bloggers and your comments about them are spot-on. I'm so proud to be part of such a great community – and you're still a 40+ blogger don't forget! ;))

    Have a wonderful weekend Linda

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

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  • Linda, those are great and I've never seen most of them. I am a blogger and I think I'll have to start adding more pics of myself (shudder) to keep up with the rest of you. Please swing by and give my site a lookie-lou. I use pictures of models along with my informational articles… But then again… I'm 62 freaking years old.
    Tina Boomerina

  • I will check it out and age is just a number I am 51 and look how many I post LOL

  • Shannon

    These are some amazing blogs and I don't think I have ever been to any of them, thanks for sharing with us.

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