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Crying over Target

Readers be warned, this may be a bit of a whiny post but what would you expect after hearing that Target is leaving….

I believe I must be the most confused Canadian there is today ( oh yea and saddest as well).  Today my little shopping world collapsed, Target is leaving Canada.  WTF and I can not scream that loud enough…. I love Target and I have to tell you I do not now where everyone else has been shopping or what alternate universe they live in but based on the comments I am reading on line and hearing on the news I have not been at the same Targets that everyone else has.

I do understand that Target messed up when they first opened their doors in Canada, quite possibly they did not have fully stocked shelves the first week, but since then I am not sure where everyone else has been but I personally have been to more than one Target and guess what folks the shelves were always full….. I never once went where I was “disappointed” in the stock selection nor did I ever come out without way more then what I went in for.
Next point ” Canadians were looking for the American Target Stores”, again I have to ask WTH,  I just came back from Charlotte N.C. and on my way home we may have stopped at Target in Watertown and guess what, same stuff as the Target in Orleans, Ontario and even more, the stuff I purchased at home was cheaper than the sale price in the US.  So exactly where are the rest of my fellow Canadians shopping?? Do I live in an alternate reality??? 
I have hit Target in Ottawa ( several locations) Thunder Bay and Saint John in the past twelve months, plus I have been in Target in Orlando, East Stroudsburg, Watertown  and Syracuse and I found the same stuff in the same locations and most times for the same price so please explain where the media outlets are getting their facts??? 
Now I do understand the sadness over Zellers, really I was a huge Zellers fan but they closed so doing the hip hip horray because Target is leaving and you liked Zellers better makes zero sense to me…. Zellers is not coming back as a result of Target leaving folks.  Zellers is gone, totally  gone, never to return and now so is Target  ( and maybe if you had  given Target a chance you would have actually realized it was a Zellers, it carried Mossimo same as Zellers did, as well as many other brand names we knew and trusted) 
Now I am left with what……no KMart, No Zellers, No Sears, and now No Target… and NO Walmart because I do not shop at that store. So I get to pick from Costco??? Sorry no the selection there is not for me,  Joe Fresh at the grocery Store, yep that will help, I like Joe Fresh,  Giant Tiger, no question love me a good ole Canadian Icon but I still would have liked an alternative.  So where will my Target dollars be going, you guessed it to Target in the US, so explain to me why that deserves a hip hip????  
The worse thing of all for me is the fact that over 17000 jobs will be leaving, disappearing with no replacements in sight, so excuse me people but give your heads a shake there is nothing positive about a retail giant failing in Canada and closing its doors.  so excuse me while I go drown my sorrows with a hot chocolate in my awesome mug I purchased at Target. ( and not on purpose but you will never guess where my pants came from)
On a totally unrelated note I could not crop these two pictures not edit them in any way because I wanted you to see the awesome sunrise this morning.  Is that not a glorious sky, although I keep thinking Red at night sailors delight, Red in the morning sailors take warning, meaning this awesome sky could mean a storm.

sunrise in ottawa

sun rise in Ottawa

I have been wanting to try my Target Plaid Pants (sold out but Blazer is available as are these great Floral pants)with this Aztec sweater I found on Lookbook and just to describe how influential bloggers can be both of these pieces were purchased because I saw them on a blogger I liked. Shanna wore this sweater and Debbie had this awesome Sheldon Suit) 
plaid, aztec and leopard for pattern mixing
I have worn this sweater a few times, with jeans and black dress pants but I am really liking the plaid and aztec patterns together, and never mind the argyle socks and leopard gloves ( Old Navy), this gal loves pattern mixing. ( Socks are Gold Toes and Oxfords are from GH Bass) Necklace was lookbook
plaid pants with leopard gloves and aztec sweater

lookbook sweater and target plaid pants

target plaid pants, lookbook sweater statement necklace

gh bass oxford boots

old navy leopard gloves

Target plaid pants aztec sweater

lookbook aztec sweater and necklace

and this is what happens when the neighbours all come outside just before the timer goes off. ( I was waving back not conducting an orchestra I promise)

winter wear

Wishing you all an awesome weekend, me, I am heading to Yellowknife so think of me in the firgid north but hopefully I will get some great pictures and if you have not joined my fashion link up, please hop over.

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  • I am so hugely sorry about the Target situation, really I am, I'm not being the least bit facetious. When I saw that on the news last night I immediately thought of you. Can you still shop Target online? I love the aztec sweater with the plaid pants…genius print mixing my friend!

  • That suck that Target is closing. Germany used to have a walmart but it didn't do well over here. So they closed it. Stay warm and have a great weekend

  • I found out about this just yesterday. I was so surprised that Target is leavin completely rather than just closing some stores. Personally Target is my favorite store due to their amazing merchandising and their products. I don't know how I would love without it! Will you still be able to order from Target online? I know its not the same but at least it may help a little bit. 🙂

    • So far we have not been able to order online, hoping that will change

  • Our nearest and only Target store in the province was a 4 hour drive away – I don't travel that far just to shop – so why didn't they start with online shopping which i have to do for all my shopping except food and drink

  • I would be crying to. This just sucks, I'm sorry girl 🙁

  • I live in Target. Well, not really, because that would be weird. But I really REALLY do love shopping there and hate that every time I go in "just for a pair of socks" or something else meaningless, I end up with a cart full o' stuff. But that's the draw for me–Target has affordable clothing/items that much of my purchases are guilt-free. I'm sorry to hear about the Canadian Targets closing; maybe this will be a great chance for another chain to open its doors there?

  • Oh wow, I have heard Target is a great shop, we've not got one here… Nice outfit, stylish and so warm too 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop…