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Drinking or Shopping, What to Wear

The versatility of clothing never ceases to amaze me, swap a black tank for a silver cami, add some splashy jewels and some pretty leggings and your outfit looks completely different. 
I seriously was in a bit of a conundrum, heading to Charlotte and knowing the temperatures were warmer then here I wasn’t sure what to pack… plus I like to travel light this time of year ( because then I have an excuse to shop after season sales) Regardless of packing light I still want to be prepared regardless,  I never know when we might head to a nice dinner, or go to a basketball game.  One moment we could be celebrating football at the belk bowl and the next maybe strolling the city streets looking for a wine bar, so I pack a few basic pieces like this Cardigan and the boots and leggings and then thrown a pile of camis and necklaces together and pray it all works..
Add a silver cami ( C/O Giant Tiger) and some sparklies and we are set for dinner or a few sips at a wine bar.
sequin trimmed leggings giant tiger
 leggings C/O Giant Tiger, Cardigan and Cami C/O Giant tiger, Neckalace Marks by Avon
leather trimmed cardigan giant tiger

leggings, cardigan and cami from Giant tiger

cami and cardigan from Giant tiger

Marks necklace, giant tiger cami

sequin rimmed leggings giant tiger

swap for a black tank and a great necklace and I am set for shopping at the Premium Outlets.

black cardigan giant tiger, tank from Vanheusen

black cardigan and leggings giant tiger

cardigan, leggings and boots by Giant tiger

necklace by lookbook

Can’t wait to show you my shopping finds when I return from Vacation.
  • Looking good Linda! Love that silver tank and blingy statement necklace in the first outfit!
    Happy 2015!
    Dawn Lucy

  • Really love the first outfit Linda! The details on the leggings make them different and those boots…love!

  • You look fantastic! I really love that silver tank top!

  • You can never go wrong with an item you can restyle. I hope you are having an amazing trip.

  • I am amazed by how many different outfits you have! You always look really pretty. I think that beautiful smile might make a gunny sack look pretty 🙂

  • Such a cute outfit, and you are right- the versatility is awesome. I love that you can add or reduce items and go to different looks/places/times of day. Great job, pretty lady! xo