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J’adore the sun and the sand, je n’adore pas this weather, OK that is the extent of my french at the moment folks oh yea except for  “J’Adore”  this TShirt, isn’t it the cutest.  When I saw this at Banana Republic I knew I needed to have it ( and I am a cat person remember) The little bull dog with a moustache, this will be perfect for #movember next year. ( sold out but how about a dalmation)
Banana Republic bulldog t shirt for #movember
I will confess I seriously contemplated sending it to Debbie at Fashion Fairy Dust because it seemed so her,,,, but sorry Deb I needed to keep it. Originally I had the matching plaid blazer on but it seemed to cutesy so I switched to this black moto jacket. ( and I was going to wear my new silver oxfords but again I was going for fashionable and stylish not cutesy right.)  I still may wear the cutesy outfit but for today..  You will have to forgive the pictures, now that I have them on the blog they seem just slightly off, probably because the camera feels the same way about -37 that I do.  Makes everyone a little slow and sluggish. ( and yes as if the cold was not bad enough there was snow yet again, thought about editing the snowflakes all out but hey you want REAL right?
j'adore t shirt and moto jacket from banana republic

T Shirt and Jacket Banana Republic, Pants Target, Necklace Forever 21 and IPad Case Kate Spade.

forever 21 coin necklace

Target plaid pants, moto jacket and bulldog shirt

kate spade orange ipad case, plaid pants and moto jacket

moto jacket and plaid pants from target

target plaid pants

The only way you were seeing the t shirt today was inside, I am crazy but not quite a lunatic
 ( although funny thing, my neighbours were all leaving this morning while I was outside and I think they truly believe I have gone off the deep end, really who stands outside in -37 even when properly attired……
plaid pants and moto jacket

j'adore bull dog t shirt

Popcorn Bag is also  Kate Spade and currently my carry lunch, Ipad and blogging books to work.

kate spade popcorn tote

My first link up started yesterday and what a boob I am, triple checked everything except the start time and  when I got up in the morning I was so disappointed that noone had signed up, then realized I had lots of hits on my post so I double checked and noticed the time was set for noon,  argggg, so if you have not linked up yet please some visit A Labour of Fashion.
Happy Friday and here is hoping the weekend warms up ( and I have the exciting task of yep packing away Christmas, insert crying emojii here)

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