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Lazy Day

New Years Day and the best way to spend the day is in your pajamas a sweater and leggings, OK I know we would all seriously like to stay in PJ’s all day but on the off chance that someone stops in for some yuletide cheer, lets throw on a long Tunic and comfy leggings.
giant tiger tunic sweater

giant tiger sweater and leggings

giant tiger knit leggings

giant tiger sweater and lined leggings

giant tiger boots and lined leggings
I seriously cannot put into words how these lined leggings feel but I think I can honestly state better than any PJ’s plus because they look great you have the comfort of knowing you look great while lounging. I picked up the sweater and leggings at Giant Tiger ( C/O)  and believe it or not these boots also Giant Tiger about six years ago.
Happy New Year Everyone,  hope you had a wonderful Holiday and I hope I am enjoying my time in Charlotte.
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  • Happy New year. You never go wrong with a comfortable outfit

  • cool knitwear 🙂

  • Happy New Year!! You look great! I am still in pjs. Leggings and a tunic works though for comfort and company.

  • Super cute on you. I like that you have leggings on as well. I would feel very "exposed" to not have something else covering…parts…when I leaned over and such. The tights would make it so much nicer. TMI sorry.

  • I love this on you, it really suits you and looks lovely and warm too!

  • That's a great idea and super cute. I love that outfit! You have the cutest clothes

  • HOw comfy-looking yet sharp! Beats the sweatshirt shorts and lumberjack shirt I'm wearing this afternoon!

  • Happy new years day to you! Wishing you the most prosperity this year

  • Well I didn't get out of my pjs all day but if I had to dress I would of picked an outfit similar to yours. Lined leggings? hmm…I'll have to look into those, they sound super comfortable. Happy New Year!

  • I just bought my first pair of leggings a few weeks ago and I quite like them. 😀

  • What a great outfit for a Lazy Day, I love sporting a sweater and leggings so cute and super confy!!

  • You get a thumbs up from me!

  • I love this;
    The versatility of clothing never ceases to amaze me, swap a black tank for a silver cami, add some splashy jewels and some pretty leggings and your outfit looks completely different.