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Warm and Fuzzy and where are the Northern Lights

I am in Yellowknife and I have been here for two nights already and I still have not seen the Northern Lights.  I am beginning to think there is no such thing…. and seriously folks I am trying,  last night I bundled all back up in all my winter gear, rode the elevator down to the lobby, traipsed outside and wondered all around the outside of the hotel thinking maybe I would see it from another direction, still nothing and it is supposed to be a 7/10 activity level. Do you think its possible that some people just cannot see them???
I mean seriously one should not be able to miss seeing this right???? Fingers crossed that I see them tomorrow night, this is getting crazy….Have you seen them??  Are they as spectatcular as I am imagining in real life???
northern lights yellowknife
northern lights yellowknife

Well sadly I have no lights pictures for you but I am hoping to get back uo to city hall tomorrow night becuase it looked pretty spectacular when i arrived Saturday Night, all still lit up. Pretty impressive seeing the lake all frozen and all the skating rinks, I even saw a game of Frisbee in the snow ( crazy folks) Just a few glimpses of Sunday in Yellowknife.
statue Yellowknife

outdoorskating yellowknife

outdoor skating rink yellowknife

frozen lake yellowknife

winter frisbee yellowknife
With the very strong believe that I would not be able to get any morning outfit pictures for you 1) no tripod and 2) really cold and now even a 3) cuz the sun does not come up till 9:00 I saved my Friday shoots for you.  Casual Friday and I need to dress warm and fuzzy,  seriously I really am over snow and cold. 
I have not worn my B/F jeans for a while, mostly because I have not found winter footwear I like with them but then I realized i had these boots and they may work perfectly ( and by george I did like the look)
Old Navy Jeans and Blouse,  Forever 21 sweater, Necklace- Syracuse at destiny USA, Boots Giant Tiger, Tote Kate Spade, Purse Kate Spade and Coat- Target ( crying still)

fuzzy sweater forever 21
photo bomb by Lou
cat photo bomb

giant tiger boots kate spade bag

old navy boyfriend jeans

forever 21 fuzzy sweater baby blue

joe fresh plaid gloves

forever 21 fuzzy sweater

forever 21 sweater old navy b/f jeans

old navy b/f jeans and snow

statement necklace and forever 21 sweater

giant tiger army boots

forever 21 sweater b/f jeans and statement necklace

old navy sheer blouse forever 21 sweater

Target plaid coat

  • Oh, enjoy your time in Yellowknife. I'd love to see the Northern Lights, myself. You look great. You know I love the different shades of blue and all of your winter outerwear pieces. =)

    Happy Monday My Friend!

  • love your outfit. I hope you get to see the lights.

  • The lights are amazing! We saw them a handful of times when we lived in Anchorage. Most of the time we couldn't see them because of the city lights or because we were too lazy to get up at 2am. What a cool experience visiting Yellowknife must be

  • Northern light is one of the ting must see in my bucket list among Greenland (which my husband thinks is absurd!) and Easter Island. You had holes in your jeans and were playing in the snow? Yikes! That's brave and you look good in them too!

  • I need plaid gloves!

    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  • The lights in those pictures are just amazing and stunning. Thanks for sharing. You must be a cold weather girl, as I think i get chills looking at the snow! Pretty pics and love the furry sweater on you with the blue necklace. I also love the jacket and your fab KS bag! looking great
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  • It is a dream of mine to see the Northern Lights! So gorgeous.

  • Whoo I hope you get to see the lights, I have always wanted to see them. Great outfit, love the polka dots under your jumper 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays