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Top 10 over 30 Fashion Bloggers

10 fashion bloggers over 30

Continuing my Top 10 Blogger series this week I am covering my top over 30 Bloggers, and by over 30 I may be stretching as some are just hitting that mark and one or two may be close to leaving that decade but that’s OK. age is just a number right???
This was my tough decade to cover because apparently a lot of bloggers who I follow are in this decade and write about Fashion.  For this week I am focusing on the group of gals I follow religiously who always post outfits, next week is my Life and Style group and man this is getting tougher each week to try and narrow the numbers.  
Today my top 10:
10) Lena from Lena B Actually, one of my very first finds and a Canadian Gal to top it off.  Lena’s style is an Edgy Vintage look. I love her “love” of dresses and tights. Sadly she is uber busy and not blogging as regularly but I still check in regularly cuz I am sure she will be back.

Lena B Actually

9) Carylee from More Pieces of Me – I think I found Carylee through Lena and Rachels Passion for Fashion Link but after stumbling across this gals closet I knew I had to follow her anywhere…. her collection of shoes and bags are enviable.More Pieces of Me
8) Iva from Falling in Style –  started following Iva on Instagram and then discovered her Blog, and it was months before I realized she was another Canadian Gal.  Her Classic style, her love of plaid, leopard and neon, I mean seriously what is not to love here?? I also had the pleasure of sitting in on a workshop Iva lead at Spark Sessions in November,  awesome how she has turned her blog life into an amazing experience and some great adventures.
Falling in Style
7) Amber from Canadian Fashionista. I just recently started following Amber, I think I found her via another blogger I discovered at Spark Sessions but I was immediately fascinated by her Instagram Feed while she was on Vacation.  She and her Hubby have such a great time with fashionCanadian Fashionista
6) Lauren at Fizz & Frosting.  I have been following Lauren since close to the beginning of my blog life and have watched her style evolve through her fist pregnancy and then back to work as a new mom. She has a classic style with a bit of a twist.  You can always count on something fun in her outfit.

fizz & frosting

5) Laura from I do DeClaire.  Laura is one of the most amazing thrift shoppers, she finds the most perfect peices and styles them perfectly. A gal that loves remixing and one I might add that has the most amazing Kate Spade Bag that I drool over every time I see it.
I do declaire 4) Rachel from Rachel The Hat, not only does this gal have the most stunning colouring but her sense of style is impeccable.  This is a true English Rose ( or a real life version of Snow White). Her use of colours is amazing and to top it off her new venture Yosa sells the most amazing pieces ( and yes I may have ordered a few pieces with a few more on my must have list)
Rachel the Hat
3) Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels-I have loved watching Lauras style over the past year that I have been following, a fashion blogger who finally became a Mom ( her story is amazing) but she has remained true to her roots and has remained a fashion blogger ( not that I mind at all seeing pictures of her beautiful little girl but I usually do visit each blog to see the clothes) Laura’s style is fun, fashion forward with a bit of modesty.  ( and lets just talk about that hair for a moment)
walking in memphis in high heels
2) Meagan from Because of Jackie – no question no list of mine involving fashion would be complete without this gal.  I adore her style, heck I adore her writing and how she approaches life.  Her 
blog has been growing and changing over the last year and there is a greater focus on life and her writing but she always, always shows us her awesome sense of style.  A gal that always has fun with clothes and inspires me to wear sequins whenever I want.
because of Jackie
1) and then we have Shanna from Because Shanna Said So  Like a parent who should never claim to have a favourite, I suppose a blog reader should also not “play” favourites but I have to confess this gal has inspired me to purchase more pieces than all other bloggers combined.  It was getting so crazy I was beginning to worry I was one of those creepy stalker chicks, but no I just love her style and we shop at the same places. I can sadly confess that plaid Dress, Aztec Sweater and Plaid shoes are all currently in my closet and I am waiting anxiously for that Gold number to show up in my mail box… Shanna;s style is one to admire and her love of family ( including that Gus) always shines through.

Because Shanna Said So

There ya have it peeps, 10 amazing ladies with very unique styles but all of them well worth the follow. 

  • Thank you so much for including me in your post, Linda! You are so sweet. Many of these ladies top my favorites too!

  • Thank you soooooo much for your sweet words!! I am humbled and beyond flattered. Your support and kindness blows my mind. I am honored to have been mentioned with all of these ladies. xoxo

  • Oh my gosh, I am SO HONORED to be on this list and to be among these amazing ladies! You made my week! 😉

  • Thank you so much for your kind words! I am incredibly flattered to be included with all these other amazing women! You made my day!