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Top 12 Outfits of 2014

Well our vacation is quickly drawing to a close, yes it is true I am still off today, Kent and I took and extra day to undecorate and unpack as we were away over the holidays.  Typical of the best laid plans, I was sick the entire Christmas with a monster cold and just as I am starting to recover we get hit with an ice storm and the flu bug hits the house.  Kent and I were out cleaning up the driveway and he got hit by a 2 x 4 of a flu bug so the un decorating may not actually get done tomorrow like planned. As I sat here contemplating what awesome post to get ready I got a little overwhelmed by how much I have to do to un christmasize the house and the incredible amount of ice and snow that has now fallen and I decided to take a page out of the blogger handbook… (the make believe one in m head I think I am supposed to follow but oh so rarely do) an yearly recap… well it sounded so very simple in my head and now you don’t even want to know how many hours later I think I have a summary for you… 
No-one ever mentioned the complexity involved in a recap post, seriously is there an easy way to get a summary of your best/most popular/or what you like best other than reading scanning your whole year of posts….  I will confess it was fun going back and seeing how much I have improved and I will sum up I am sometimes not sure in the later months if the outfits were popular or it was the fact the settings improved.  Some of my most popular were not my favourite by far but I think I have a compilation of the outfits that resonated the most with those that follow me, coupled with those that generated comments and finally did I actually like it.  My Top 12 of 2014 are actually each months most popular outfits as selected by the most viewed with comments. I hope you enjoy my yearly recap and I promise I hope to have a new original outfit scheduled for Tuesday the day  I return to work. 
January, this Kaleidoscope Dress seemed to resonate with everyone, and it sure wasn’t my photography or editing skills as this was an in-office I phone shot prior to my learning about pic monkey and resizing.
banana republic 70s dress
February, the J Crew Bow Sweater seemed very popular or maybe it was the shoes?? regardless a popular post in this month.( again original pic from the blog I Phone and no editing)
j crew bow sweater valentino type shoes shoe dazzle
March surprised me because a basic denim look was my most popular post, so sometimes I wonder do we try to hard as bloggers and most people really want just the basics??
skinny jeans and a capri shirt floral oxfords shoe dazzle
April was a LBD with some awesome bright accessories, again simple , easy pieces.

lbd and yellow accessories, shoe dazzle signature pumps
May, I started getting a little adventuress and discovered pic monkey and resizing ( thanks Shanna), pattern mixing  started speaking to me and based on the popularity of some of my posts it also speaks to you, ( in a not to garish way of course)
forever 21 checks and stripes
June was a classic look, my Eshakti skirt seemed a big hit for the month ( and this skirt was a big hit with me as well)
eshakti skirt and little white cardi
July, pattern mixing and more fun shoes, a look I really enjoyed.
giant tiger dress and checked shirt
August, basic pieces that are comfy, casual and still look great.  One of those looks a lot of people could see themselves in.
high lo dress and denim vest
September and the Poconos, is it the return of Fall and Plaid or the great setting.. never sure but I personally loved the setting and the outfit
flannel shirt and white jeans

October,  a sad day but a fun outfit, mixing textures is almost as fun as mixing patterns. 
old navy buffalo dress and fur vest
November, Plaid and Leopard two of my favourite patterns often repeated.
j crew checked dress and shoe dazzle leopard boot
and finally in December, it was hard to find the most popular here because several of my posts incorporated crafts or cookies so I had to figure out if the outfit was the attraction or the baking…. I think based on comments a lot of people just thought this was fun.
cat sweater and leopard skirt

and although I showed a top 12 of 2014 I personally thought 14 was a better number so two of my favs that may not have generated the reader view I would have liked for me these will always be special. 
My convention dress that I found two hours before the banquet for $20.00, I felt so pretty in this outfit. 
h & M chiffon blush dress
 and finally my two generation outfit shoot,  this was an amazing experience that I hope I get to repeat ( only regret is I wish I had brought my other black boots with me, would have then been the perfect outfit)
two generation skinny jeans

Hope you enjoyed my year in review, and thank you for all taking this amazing trip with me over the past 12 months, regardless of when you started reading I am so happy you are and I hope we continue this awesome adventure together.
  • nice outfits! you look great in all of them!


  • Such a stylish fab year you had. My top 5 from your picks above are the outfits with the tiger sweater, both outfits featuring red plaid dresses, the one with the striped green midi skirt and the one with the bow sweater! I want both your tiger and bow sweaters by the way.

    P.S. The new look of the blog looks great, also. 😉

  • Love you convention dress, bright color, elegant, and most importantly, cheap.

  • Wow you look gorgeous in that convention dress! Beautiful dress on you! I love Feb.'s look A LOT I seriously want every piece of that outfit. That bow sweater, the shoes, all of it! lol


  • The leopard outfit is my favorite outfit you wore. Along with the pink dress. I hope you feel better soon. Also I know what you mean about recap post. I did my 2014 recap on New year day and I must have spent 2 hours on it. I still have to do my outfit recap.

  • You are so stinking cute! 🙂 I like the March outfit the best. I am very much a simple dresser. You just looks very comfortable and fun, in the photo. I think that translates into the overall beauty of the look.

  • I love that animal print skirt!!!

  • Oh I love your bonus two looks! But outside of that, I think June is my fave! What a great year – happy 2015!
    Carylee | more pieces of me
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  • Wow you have some beautiful outfits. I love your yellow shoes and the fabulous skirt a few pictures down from the shoes 🙂

    Happy New Year, thanks for sharing at Creative Monday…

    • Thanks again for sharing at Creative Mondays, pinned and featuring later at the hop …

  • My favorite outfit is the April outfit.