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Travel Clothes and Chilly Nights

Monday Night I braved the cold and went for a walk, i really wanted to capture the lights around the Yellowknife city hall. Well without a tripod I am a bit shaky so the pictures did not turn out very well. ( may have been the temperatures affecting me, who knows, suffice it to say I got better shots with the iphone then I did my rebel on night setting). Interesting fact, glasses and cold do not play well together, I think if I lived in the North I would have to invest in Laser surgery ( my eyes are to dry for contacts lately)
evening stroll in Yellowknife
lights at Cityhall in Yellowknife

Lights at City Hall Yellowknife

Yellowknife totem

Yellowknife cityhall lights
If you have been with me for a bit you probably read my rant on Travel Pet Peeves so you will not besurprised by how I truly dress when I travel, I despise.  Funny coincidence my travel Pet Peeve post was written on my last trip to Yellowknife, pure coincidence folks I promise. This time my travel wardrobe had to be planned around the fact that it is WINTER,  shocking I know, seriously winter means the walking will require something other than my normal ” work” boots.. ( and who wants to take up room in a suitcase with big furry boots??? My trusty Cougars to the rescue.  
I am a leggings and boots kind of gal when I travel so, Yellowknife=knit lined leggings right? Thought i would pair my Giant Tiger leggings with the Royal Blue Cardigan ( Giant Tiger). I added my Banana Republic LBD, for an extra layer and a slight dressier feel. ( and did it all not just go perfectly with my Lookbook Necklace??
Royal Blue Cardigan Giant Tiger

lookbook necklace and royal blue cardigan from Giant Tiger

Royal Blue Cardigan from Giant Tiger

Banana Republic LBD with a cardigan and leggings

Giant Tiger Cardigan and leggings

cougar boots and LBD with knit leggings

lookbook necklace and royal blue cardigan

LBD with a Giant Tiger Royal Blue Cardigan

Giant Tiger Royal Blue Cardigan

Kate Spade Watch
Switched out my Kate Spade that i have been carrying continuously for my Coach Wine/Oxblood/marsala bag, shame on me that I have not been using this awesome bag more reglarly this year. ( Bet you are digging my highly professional sophisticated suitcase…….I always look for an inexpensive stand out bag, one that no-one else will have so it is noticeable coming out on the carasel)
coach bag wine Marsala

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