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20 ways to identify if you are Canadian or American (and sometimes British)

fur vest, marsala leggings, chambray dress and pearlsI am Canadian and I live in Ontario and people that live in this geographic area preface everything with “EH” (pronounced “A”),  I grew up all my life knowing that despite the common misconception that all Canadians said “eh” I was comfortable knowing that if I heard it I could be sure there was a Canadian close by. I also grew up knowing that if someone ended a sentence with a huh instead of a question mark they were sure to be American. Well imagine my friggn surprise when Kent brought it to my attention that I apparently have been spending way to much time south of the border…. and guess how I responded?  yep I said ” Huh”

I am Canadian, I am supposed to say Eh, it is expected, wanted even, but this gal no sir… I am catching myself now and sadly I do not know how to stop.  every sentence just seems to naturally end with a huh.
So naturally this lead me to seek out a few more regional disparities from a language perspective and that  of course leads to a food/product perspective:
1) Do you say Pop, Soda or Coke??? I am Canadian we say POP
2) Is it a nut bar, a candy bar or a chocolate Bar?? I am from the east coast we use to call everything a nut bar ( even strange people)
3) do your smarties look like m&m’s or like little sugar candies that we call rockets
smarties  or   rockets vs smarties
4) Faucet, spigot or Tap
5)Frying pan or skillet
6) housecoat, robe or bathrobe
7) teeter totter or seesaw
8) lightening bug or firefly
9) bucket or pail
10) Sofa, couch or chesterfield
11) sneakers, tennis shoes or runners
12) Supper or Dinner
13) motorway, freeway or highway
14) knapsack or backpack
15) sweater or jumper
16) napkin or serviette
17) does a case of beer have 12 or 24 bottles??
18) Hydro, power or electricity?
19) washroom, bathroom or water closet?
20) the bill or the check??
I’m going to collect the loonies and toonies out of my knapsack and head to the Beer Store for a two-four. On my way back, I’ll pick us up a double-double and some Timbits, then we can have that back bacon for breakfast. If you spill your Tim’s because I’m driving 20 clicks over the speed limit, I’ll give you a serviette to use in the washroom. And don’t worry—I’ve got a mickey of vodka to put in our Caesars. Save me a seat on the chesterfield, eh?”  OK hands up who knows what I just said or are you sitting there shaking your head asking what did she just smoke???? I have discussed this before but then something happens that makes me re-examine all over again, how are we all so alike yet so very different.
and for a fitting ( haha little fashion humour) end to this awesome Friday a little chambray and fur ( oh yeah and did I mention I am off today, they have to shut off the water in the building so hurray a three day weekend)


fur vest, marsala leggings, chambray dress and pearls


fur vest, marsala leggings, chambray dress and pearls
fur vest, marsala leggings, chambray dress and pearls


fur vest, marsala leggings, chambray dress and pearls


Fur vest, chambray dress and pearls


gap fur vest

Go Jane pearls

Old Navy Chambray Shirtdress

Old Navy Chambray Shirtdress
Chambray-Old Navy, leggings and Boots-Forever 21, Vest-Gap, Necklace and Earrings-Go Jane,
Hat- Place D’Orleans Kiosk, Gloves-TSC
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  • Our neighbor here in Dubai is a Canadian. He is my husband's colleague and she teaches at an American high school. Every afternoon if he's not flying, he'd paly hockey on the street in front of the house with his boys complete with a goal post, helmets and roller blades. For me, that's a dead-on give away that they are Canadians! 😉

  • I am from Britain and have been living in Canada for the past for years now and Supper or Dinner are 2 different meals – – sweater or jumper – are have always used both and beer comes from a pub pump

  • THIS IS FUN! I always like how all the different regions of the US are really different, too. My southern friends and I say things completely different. Also, loving the faux fur and burgundy pants;)

  • Oh this is so funny! Some of these i didn't even we said so many of these words differently! I'm All-American according to this, but I do like to say "Eh?" a lot. I guess I saw Strange Brew too many times growing up.
    Gina – On the Daily Express

  • This is so fun! It is amazing how many differences there are! I would definitely make an idiot of myself in Canada. I love your chambray shirt dress/tunic.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  • We could also ask: Hockey, Soccer or football? And in the States they have 'a restroom'… I once asked for a restroom in a department store Toronto and got the poor sales lady totally confused.. Oh, in the U.K it's 'cloakroom'… BTW. you Canadians (and Americans) seem to have monopolised all the winter weather this year. In Finland we're losing all our snow already (last year we were knee-deep in snow this time of the year)

  • Love this! I had a friend in college who said A, and he was Canadian. I watch so much BBC, mystery shows and the like that I used to write down all of the British sayings that I found interesting or amuzing. Love the denim dress, looks super comfy and stylish with the fur, and hat. Stay warm!!
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  • Haha .. this is a fun post! I'm a native Californian so I know I have expressions and speech patterns that are … interesting to my southern and eastern relatives! 😉 Hella cute vest. (Yep we say Hella a lot)
    Dawn Lucy
    Thanks so much for linking up with FUN FASHION FRIDAY!

  • Hello Linda , great outfit and I love your hat !!! , thank you for your lovely comment you left on my little blog ,and I can not really fed up with British weather , when I see how bad yours is ( Lol ). Best wishes have a good weekend .

  • Word differences are so funny. The best one I've encountered is that in England "pants" are underwear ("trousers" are pants). So my friend would always say "it's raining so hard outside and my pants are soaking wet!!" Our British friends would DIE laughing. Every. single. time!

  • Cute post! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • This is just so funny! I often think how confusing it must be for bloggers for whom English is a second language, they must get so confused with the different names for everything. I'm British, we say napkin and serviette, plus I tend to use the word settee instead of sofa although most brits probably say sofa. Great post!

  • You seriously have one of the best styles around.

  • Lots of thinking to do here. Those pearls are the final touch on that outfit. ~ Cool ~

  • I call it POP to. Due to my Michigan roots.

  • I like these clothes

  • I'll add to the language fun being an American living in Australia. These are Australia's versions of the following:
    6. dressing gown
    10. lounge
    11. trainers
    19. toilet

  • Haha! I'm definitely British 🙂
    You look so incredibly happy in this outfit, it makes it look even better!