Loving Life after 50

Argyle and Pearls

Talk about a flash back moment, an outfit from last year that I never posted… desperate times call for desperate measures folks.  so I barely survive seven days on a cruise ship with no internet but then the hotel we are staying at in Fort Lauderdale decided to have internet problems ( for the whole three days). I am now reduced to sitting in a tiny lobby beside the front desk to get a stro ng enough signal… looks like I will be spending my first day back in Canada catching up on all things bloggy and creating about a zillion posts so this never happens again. 
The hotel is telling me the internet is back but the speed is horrid,  don’t take this in a negative way american friends but your internet speed sucks… come to Canada and test the difference I dare ya.  OK on a serious note is it just me or is there a “speed” difference.
Todays outfit is brought to you by Blond Linda, one of my first attempts at mixing a summer dress with a winter sweater and tights. 

This is a brown sundress I found at Joe Fresh several years ago, paired with a Tommy Hilfiger Argyle sweater, Go Jane Pearl set and my LV shoes that I love dearly but wear rarely, not sure why I do not wear them more often but here they are….


and see my blogger woes I cannot even get enough speed to use pic monkey so now size editing of pictures.  and sadly I am looking at this picture missing the blondness…. hmmmm I may have to revert. So bare with me one more day folks I promise Blogger Linda will be back bigger and better than ever.