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Cruise Bloppers

Blooper reel from the cruise
The life of a fashion/outfit blogger is not always an easy one , random snowflakes in the winter and gusts of wind always.  For a fun Sunday I thought I would share a few of my cruise bloopers, a few shots that just never made it to a blog post, until now….
The first night of the cruise I had the brilliant idea to go on deck and take a few outfit pictures, well you can see that worked well.  Plus Kent’s first time as a fashion photographer..

Jumpsuit and my Yosa Necklace

Photo Shoot gone wrong and a yosa necklace

Yosa necklace

To bad, I loved this jumpsuit but i did not get any decent shots, so an excuse to wear the eaxact outfit again..
Next up was the Cruise Elegant Night,  thankfully I did get a few decent shots inside as well as the cruise photographers shoots, but aren’t these babies awesome.

Elegant Photo Shots on the Glory, the windblown look

Monster Hair on the Carnival Glory

Selfie shots before one realizes a walk on the deck has really done wonders for the hairstyle.
windblown hairstyles on the Carnival Glory

Happy Sunday Folks

  • Love seeing you bloopers. I hope you had a great trip.

  • Jenn

    haha fun bloopers!