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Five (5) Floral Pieces Every Girl Should Own

I am determined to join the rest of the blogging world and move into spring so today I decided no matter what we need to force Mother Natures hand, if she will not bring me flowers I will get my own. ( and that is my Wednesday Wish for Love The Here and Now,  Please bring some Spring into my life)
I believe I may be addicted to flowers, big bright flowers because case in point A, B, and C are already mine, I am just waiting for the right time and temperatures to show them off. I seriously think that Coat (sold out but try this)  and that Dress will be perfect for Easter Sunday, can you not just picture them together with a bright yellow or fuschia shoe???
The skirt, well I am trying to figure out hot to winterize this one so I can wear it now, maybe some navy tights and shoes and a pink or navy sweater… stay tuned.  Well enough of what I already ordered lets discuss the five pieces everyone needs to own in the floral motif.
1) A great pair of floral shorts, these can be dressed up or down depending on where you are going, a great white tee and a pair of chucks, or maybe a yellow cami and some strappy sandals
2) Floral Pants, a pair of flowy floral pants, great as a beach cover up or for a fun shopping expedition, maybe even casual date night.  Sneakers, flats, maybe even a bootie to transition these. 
3) Hi Lo Sundress – every gal needs a hi lo and one covered in flowers just shouts afternoon wedding, baby shower, Church with a little cardigan over top.
4) Maxi Dress– maxi’s are not going anywhere so lets amp up the power with some chiffon and flowers. Maxi’s are my summer go to, day wear with a sneaker or sandal and easily swtiches to an evening out with your favourite guy
5) Statement Necklace – well no surprise here right, everyone needs a great necklace and one covered in flowers… a little white tee, a chambray shirt or a basic stripe jersey dress all just scream add that statement piece.
I have stopped with five must but if you are like me you are now thinking, slip on sneakers, pumps, maybe a tee or two, I am sensing this years florals are going to be the staple in my closet ( maybe nudging the nautical slightly out of place/
Today I decided to grab a little bit of floral and see if I could bring some Spring into my life.  This is another crazy steal of an outfit for you.  Floral Shirt ( $7.00, H & M) Pink Skirt ( $10.00 H & M), necklace ($5.00 H & M) Rue 21 Moto Jacket ($22.00). The shoes were purchased many a year ago from Zellers ( around 2002) Boots from GH Bass
H & M Floral Shirt  Pink Skirt , necklace  Rue 21 Moto Jacket
 What is it about frilly girl stuff and Moto jackets?? I love the look of Floral and pink topped off with a black moto jacket.
H & M Floral Shirt  Pink Skirt , necklace  Rue 21 Moto Jacket
H & M Floral Shirt  Pink Skirt , necklace  Rue 21 Moto Jacket

H & M Floral Shirt  Pink Skirt , necklace  Rue 21 Moto Jacket

H & M Floral Shirt  Pink Skirt , necklace  Rue 21 Moto Jacket

H & M Floral Shirt  Pink Skirt , necklace  Rue 21 Moto Jacket

H & M Floral Shirt  Pink Skirt , necklace  Rue 21 Moto Jacket

H & M Floral Shirt  Pink Skirt , necklace  Rue 21 Moto Jacket

H & M Floral Shirt  Pink Skirt , necklace  Rue 21 Moto Jacket

  • ADA

    I want your list and couldn't agree with you more. I would also add a floral scarf, some floral flats like ballet flats or slip-ons and some floral studs (earrings) to the list. Your outfit has so much charm and is so lady-like. I love that midi skirt!

  • I love that floral top! Coral is a really beautiful color on you! I've been looking to add a few more floral pieces to my wardrobe. I think I only have 2 tops and one skirt. I need some accessories!

  • jess

    I love this combination Linda. Pretty floral top, and pink and black are such a great combo! The skirt looks awesome on you. Looks like I am in good shape in the floral department! Great choices

    jess xx

  • Your pink skirt is fabulous! I really, really love that colour on you. It looks perfect with the moto jacket and the flower jacket, both are great combos!
    Too bad that there is still snow at your place, let's hope it melts quickly!
    Thanks for linking up!

  • I love that skirt on you!

  • Thanks, I found it really picked up my spirits getting into spring ( and not a style I usually wear so i appreciate the positive comments)

  • LOL I need them too, plus a whole lot of others. I am really liking the florals this year.

  • The snow is melting what till you see the pictures today and tomorrow, nothing like a soft rain to speed things up, I am actually praying for a fog day because fog eats snow faster than I eat chocolate

  • Thanks Jess, and what a great success on your first link up and for heavens sake I almost missed it.

  • There are some pretty awesome necklaces out there, that's where my focus is lately

  • ohh love your suggestions, i will have to do a follow up piece LOL

  • Pam@over50feeling40

    Thanks for getting us ready for Spring and sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  • I just wish Mother Nature would listen and give us more spring ( but it is getting better every day) I have Thursday link up f you would like to stop by, I would love to see you join)

  • Ayana Pitterson

    Beautiful floral top. You are absolutely right too — every girl should own those 5 floral pieces. Great selection. Thank you for linking up with the Thrift Sisters.

    Thrifting Diva

  • I can think of a ton more floral pieces I need as well, sneakers, pumps, such a long list

  • AModernMomBlog

    I definitely need all 5 of those floral picks!

    Your skirt is beautiful and the perfect statement piece
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