Loving Life after 50


It is confession time, most nights I have gone to bed without washing my face…I know ewwwwwww
who does that right??? Well I fell into the habit because it was easier to wash my face in the morning then to go through this whole big nightly cleansing routine.  Honestly, it became a chore to get the eye liner off and who wanted to scrub their eyes and then go to bed with puffy eyes.  Well sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks. The Garnier Clean + is a sensitive skin cleanser that is applied like a moisturizer ( and that is one thing I am religious about) I moisturize, twice a day no matter what, in fact I have always moisturized since I was a teen, so why the wrinkles I ask, hmmm maybe smoking and the sun she replies.  Well now I do not smoke and I keep my face ” blocked” and try to use products that will no longer aggrevate the aging process.

A cleanser that requires no water,  apply with dry fingers/hands , gently rub and then remove with cotton balls or water whichever you prefer.  I have tried both and I like a splash of water but honestly just using the cotton did not leave me with that eww greasy feeling.
So taking an enormous leap of faith that I will not terrify you with this demonstration ( and with a mostly unedited picture ( gimme a break folks looking down at a camera when you are 51 the lines under my eyes were just a little to exaggerated,)
Gently apply and then a splash of cool water and trust me your face will not feel dry and itchy.
Best of all fragrance free, Alcohol and dye free ( and truly who wants to rub alcohol on their face, well unless you are into body shots right?)

so final confession for you, I may have been sent this to try but I really like it.  I do not wear a lot of makeup but I always and I mean always wear eye liner, even more than mascara and eye liner is so very difficult to remove without usually a harsh remover or elbow grease.  Garnier Clean truly removed all traces of the eye liner and thus the saving of all my pillow cases is reason enough to justify the continued existence of this in my life.

  • I need to check Garnier out. I've never used the brand before.