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The List of Things I am Bad At

It’s Monday and I have no idea where the weekend went but all of a sudden its back to the office.

The weekend is over and I am needing to watch the season finale of the Walking Dead so who has time to think up a great post right?? Well being lazy and I thought I would borrow a cool post  from The Uncustomary Art.
Things I am Really Bad at

 eating food without spilling it on myself – this is relatively new, maybe an age thing but seriously lately I spill.
 taking everything seriously, way to seriously
 feeling the need to wash my hands
 remembering to move my clothes from the washer to the dryer ( this has been a forever bad)
  waking up early, I am not an early bird EVER
handwriting, I so want pretty script but I write to fast and am to impatient to get the words out, hence why I love my laptop.
 eating spicy foods, I want to I really do but nope can’t do it
 throwing things away, scraps of paper, old clothes, I suck ( working on this though)
 cleaning out my purses, so they are heavier then a ton truck
moving my empty pop can ( leaving it in the family room)
Taking my shoes off when I come inside. 
washing my face at night ( getting better)
ignoring social media ( I am obsessed)

Things I am Good At

mixing patterns
helping people
baking cookies
making my bed ( everytime)
loving my cat
being an aunt, sister, step-mom, spouse
being happy
accurate records
Taxes ( yep its true)
finding great bargains
golf ( ok really not good at but I love it LOL)

What are you bad at?? Better yet what are you great at?

Friday I got up and realized it was snowing again, and I was at the hotel so no outfit pictures till I got home, I brought the brown sweater back out ( two Fridays in a row) but this week I went with leather leggings and my leopard boots and check out this necklace.  For some reason I did not get a good closeup but if you follow me on Instagram you can see this piece in all its glory.  Interesting story a great friend sent me a message with some pictures of necklaces,  she found them at a Gas Station 
( seriously a Gas Station) she sent me pictures and I picked a few a thought I really needed.
leopard booties, tweed sweater, Leather leggings and floral necklace
Sweater-Joe Fresh, Leggings-H & M, Boots-Shoe Dazzle, Cami-Winners Scarf-Forever 21 and Necklace- Random Gas Station near Belleville
leopard booties, tweed sweater, Leather leggings and floral necklace

leopard booties, tweed sweater, Leather leggings and floral necklace

leopard booties, tweed sweater, Leather leggings and floral necklace

leopard booties, tweed sweater, Leather leggings and floral necklace

leopard booties, tweed sweater, Leather leggings and floral necklace
cat photobomb
cat photo bomb

shoe dazzle leopard booties
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  • totally copy and i am Aquarius,

  • Jodie Filogomo

    Great necklace…see you bought both this time!! jodie

  • bahahaha I did buy both but she actually sent like 20 photos so I really could have gone crazy

  • Meagan Rigney

    Oh shoot, may need to "borrow" this blog post idea for Wednesday! Ha;) I am bad at house cleaning (though I AM organized), and calling people back.

  • jess

    Boy, I thought you were describing me! I am not a neat eater…I will leave clothes in the washer and forget…boy! right on target. I enjoy emailing but am bad at making phone calls…Anyhoooo… Love those boots and hard to believe you still have snow! ( but you are smiling! 🙂

    See you at the linkup! have a good night
    jess xx

  • Sjandangie Newsome

    I'm the messiest eater ever. I ruin so many cute clothes with food!

  • Its a relatively new thing for me this spilly food thing

  • ohh on the phone calls me too, for some reason I have to have a cell phone and a home phone but I actually hate talking on them, text or email for me.

  • just generally talking on the phone is me… and I am totally organized but hate cleaning, soul sisters

  • my food bad is chip dip and gravy..

  • ADA

    Can I copy and paste your lists because I swear to God they are both some similar to mine especially the bad at list. We are kindred souls what can I say? You and I are sooooo alike. What horoscope sign are you, I never asked you?

  • I hate waking up early too. I'm bad at eat dairy food when I know I can't have it.