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Troll or Fan, and 5 easy ways to Stop a Troll

Blogging seems to attract many types of followers but the majority can be lumped into two main categories: Trolls and Fans.
The search for the definition of a Blog or Internet Troll and you will find many ” explanations.
An internet ‘troll’ is an abusive or obnoxious user who uses shock value to promote arguments and disharmony in online communities. , they are someone who stirs up drama and abuses their online anonymity by purposely sowing hatred and bigotry, 
They are easily recognized because they never have a picture and are always anonymous because really isn’t it far better to spew hatred if no-one knows who you are??? They are the “commentors” who deem it necessary to make everything personal, you know who I mean, the one that says ” you look fat today” or ” wow that dress looks awful on you”  or even how can you be so vain as to take pictures of yourself everyday you ugly thing…. They provide no positive comments and just seem to lurk in the background but they also seem to have the inherent ability to strike when you are at your weakest. Those days when we struggle to post, or wonder are we doing the right thing and then bham, little troll resurfaces.
A Fan is the complete opposite, they follow loyally, always providing that reassuring comment, they jump to your defense when a troll attacks. they are the first to like your picture and usually provide wonderful compliments to reassure you that you are doing the right thing. Sadly though the fans may not always comment, they just loyally show up everyday, read your post and then leave.  Leaving only an unidentifiable “page view” in their wake. 
Well Fans you need to step it up a notch,  if you are a fan and you notice one of your blogs is wavering, maybe showing signs of discontent you need to step up (plus this is when the trolls most likely strike so you need to negate the ” Negativity”. Let’s surround our blogs with ” Troll Nets”). When your favourite blogger stops posting regularly, when they comment about why they are doing what they are doing, that is your cue to let them know YOU ARE WHY THEY DO THIS. You love their posts and you love their style, you would miss them if they left, do not let them fade into the background, grab hold of them and hold on tight. Show them Fan Love is so much stronger than Troll Hate. 
5 ways to stop a troll
How to Deal with a Troll in Five Easy Steps.
1) Do not engage ( this will infuriate them the most, if they cannot get a reaction then it defeats the purpose of why they are doing what they are doing
2) Do not provide the forum, it is perfectly OK to delete their comments, this is your blog not yours and without a forum they will soon wither and die.
3) Address the trolls comments but not directly, address the fact that their appears to be people posting negative comments and while they are entitled to their opinion they are not ” entitled” to use your space to do it. 
4) Unmask if you can or if not move on. ( sometimes they do not realize that their account leads back to whom they are or where they are from)
5) Let the comment go, we do not have really thick skin most of the time but we need to learn to shed the negative, ( and this is where the fans need to step up and show you, you do matter, we do care)
Trolls are bullies, so it is not OK to ignore comments we see posted on others we need to help reinforce the person being attached without engaging the troll.

So enough about trolls lets get to some awesome sale items.Last week when i was in Whitehorse I found this amazing sweater ( at the Grocery Store, go Joe Fresh) It was marked down to $6.94 how amazing is that, then I found the boots i passed up last year at Target, last pair, and wait for it 14.94. So I paired both with a LBD and there ya have it, cheap yet chic right
Joe Fresh Sweater, Banana Republic Dress and two tone Boots by Target

Joe Fresh Sweater, Banana Republic Dress and two tone Boots by Target

Joe Fresh Sweater, Banana Republic Dress and two tone Boots by Target

Joe Fresh Sweater, Banana Republic Dress and two tone Boots by Target

Joe Fresh Sweater, Banana Republic Dress and two tone Boots by Target

 two tone Boots by Target

Joe Fresh Sweater, Banana Republic Dress and two tone Boots by Target
Shop the look
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  • Patti_NotDeadYetStyle

    Great post, and gorgeous look too – the coat is awesome. I delete trolls regularly, after all even the New York Times edits its comments : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  • Thanks, I found the coat at the grocery Store in Whitehorse (Joe Fresh) marked down to 6.94 can you believe it.

  • jess

    So true so true., I had one in over a year of blogging. I didnt respond to her, and deleted the comment. Who needs that? My mom used to say, "if you cant say something nice… "

    I really love your coat, it is a great brown on you, and the boots are fab too!!

    stop by when you can

    jess xx


    Look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Turning Heads Tuesday Linkup!

  • Trolls are the worst!!!
    Love your boots!

  • Amen, sister!!!A few can harm so many and crush dreams and aspiration!! Thank you for being so honest and always being such a huge support!! Keep doing what you're doing and hoping you didn't get hit by one of the trolls! 🙂 xoxo

  • Darcy

    Great tips! I totally think you should delete any comments that do not fit in with your blog!

  • Laura

    Luckily I haven't had too many rude comments, but even few and far between they are the worst! I love your tips to deal with them! I also love your fab outfit! Those boots are adorable!

  • Great advice about trolls. It angers me so much that people sit behind a keyboard and say the hateful things that they do. I don't understand it. I don't want to understand it. Your blog seems to be a place that encourages positivity and self-esteem. Why does someone want to cancel that out with negativity? Ugh. Good on you for the post.

  • I will be there with bells on, my sweater coat was $6.94 can you believe it, at the grocery store.

  • Thanks, found them at Target, was so excited only pair and my size

  • I actually have been really lucky, no nasty's but a few creeps. Guess we older ones attract a whole different type LOL

  • I think that is the one thing to always remember, this is our space and we have the right to control what is here.

  • Thanks Laura, the boots were a Target special (under 15.00) I just can never understand why people want to hate and hurt

  • Emily Endrizzi

    Ugh! People can be so mean sometimes. I figure they really have nothing better to do than try to bring someone else down. I haven't noticed any trolling comments in any of the blogs I read, but admittedly I don't usually read other people's comments that often and I would assume most would be deleted by the owner of the blog anyway. YouTube and Google Plus are the places I've noticed the most obnoxious trolls. They are trying to get a reaction and people never fail to give it to them. In this type of forum (blogs) I would think people would behave more civilized. I guess I gave them too much credit. Sigh. I would find it very difficult to not let negative comments bring me down. Kudos to you and the other bloggers who must deal with this type of thing in order to do what they love.

  • ADA

    Why are some people so mean and rude? Arghhhh. Anyway this is Black+Brown Perfection. I want the boots, cardigan-coat and necklace, NOW!

  • Thanks, I think the key is remain upbeat

  • So true, I think the worst are on youtube but I have seen some pretty mean comments on all forums. go figure, You are correct just do not give them the attention they are seeking

  • Thanks and the Cardigan was 6.94 can you believe it. It is very sift and cuddly too

  • Cherie James

    Firstly, I cannot believe that those boots are from Target and for only $14?! Great find! Secondly, I love black and brown together – great look! Thirdly, I still have my trolls from when I was little, but they are the nice kind, who needs the not-nice ones! And, lastly, thank you so much for linking up with SHOE AND TELL on Style Nudge!


  • Yes. Excellent ideas, adorable and elegant lady in her coat and boots. All the textures are just wonderful, and the jewelry just enough.

  • I wish I still had my nice trolls LOl, Thanks. and on the boots I am still jumping with glee

  • Thanks Jan, sometimes the more subtle looks are the best