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Aurora Borealis from Eternal

I won, I really, really won.  Not Dressed as Lamb had an amazing contest a few weeks ago sponsored by Eternal Jewellery Collection, in particular The Moda  line and imagine my surprise when she contacted me to say I won.  I was given a choice of the piece I had selected or any other from the collection.  Well I changed my mind, as I was browsing I cam across the Aurora Borealis, well is that not just to perfect, seriously if you have been following me then you will understand the irony or maybe just fate finally letting me see the lights LOL.
The packaging is as Catherine said very beautiful, packed by hand with care with a special note. 
I truly recommend you check this site out, beautiful pieces.
Eternal Jewellery Aurora Borealis

Eternal Jewellery Aurora Borealis

Eternal Jewellery Aurora Borealis

I am wearing this piece to Saint John, so stay tuned for a few glimpses.

Eternal Jewellery Aurora Borealis

Eternal Jewellery Aurora Borealis
 and as modeled on their site, how spectatcular is this???

  • This is gorgeous! I mean just wow!

  • Mai Tran

    That is one absolutely marvelous piece. Lucky you!

  • Jodie Filogomo

    How fabulous!! Can't wait to see it in one of your posts! jodie

  • Emily Endrizzi

    Awesome! Congrats on your aurora borealis win! It's a beautiful necklace. I still hope you get to see them for real someday soon!

  • ADA

    That is a gorgeous piece. I love the name also. It totally suits you. Wear it in good health, Linda! Enjoy your Sunday!

  • That's lovely! Go you! I am looking forward to see how you will wear it.
    Well done!

  • krissie

    that is so gorgeous very beautiful

  • Not Dressed As Lamb

    Linda yay!! I'm so happy you love it… it looks beautiful. Tag me & EC on social media when you style it in a post, won't you!

    Catherine x

  • I will, I did wear it twice already but no outfit pictures ( birthday for my Nana) I will tag you for sure It is gorgeous

  • Thanks I love it

  • I have worn it twice already but no pics yet, LOL

  • Than ks Ada, I love this piece

  • Thanks Emily I hope so too

  • soon I promise

  • I do love it

  • It is truly gorgeous, I love it