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My Spring Wish List

Well we all have Old Navy but now that some of us ( Canadians) no longer have Target as an option for awesome inexpensive pieces I have been on the hunt for a replacement. Well Hello SHEINSIDE, who has been knocking it out of the park for me lately.  ( remember my Midi and my Tulle, maybe my Coat?? ) Are you Canadian? Have you found alternatives?? OK how about you none Canadians have you checked out Sheinside yet??
Because I am facing yet another rainy day in this paradise i call home i thought I would do a little on-line shopping to make myself feel better, well let me tell you i feel way better but would be ecstatic if i thought I could order everything i wanted.  So just in case a little birdie is reading I thought I would post a few nice to have’s on my current list.
PS Everything is under 30.00 and most are under $20.00

Check it out, I promise you will not be disappointed. size wise most are relatively on point but I do order a size up just to be sure

  • Bring on the floral!! I love all your picks, but the floral items are my faves!! All so affordable too! Good girl! 🙂

  • krissie

    i love the heels and shoes

  • ADA

    CAN YOU PLEASE COPY-PASTE THIS LIST, SHOP IT AND MAIL IT ALL OVER TO ME TOO, PLEASE. I seriously want it all especially all the shoes and all the floral pieces!

  • sent to you Ada, everything is under 30.00

  • I am hooked on Florals lately. I even ordered the coat you have and it is to small but I will not send it back because I am thinking a few pounds and it will work. and I am scouring the web for a larger size LOL. It was the perfect floral mix

  • thanks I have had them in my cart to purchase for a week and I need to hit checkout LOL

  • Adelynn Lovellette

    LOVE #2 heels!!!