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A Womans Place is at the Voting Polls

For almost 25 years, a group of women fought for their right to vote, calling on MNAs to pass legislation to that effect. They were led by three suffragettes, Thérèse Forget-Casgrain, Marie Lacoste Gérin-Lajoie and Idola Saint-Jean. 
Between 1922 and 1939, thirteen bills were introduced in the National Assembly of Québec and were rejected by the MNAs for all sorts of reasons.
Thankfully they persevered and as a result laws were eventually changed and today well,.. all doors ( or most) doors are now open to us,
 three suffragettes in Quebec City

 three suffragettes in Quebec City
I felt humbled just being beside the statues of these women and maybe I am not making the life changes they did but I hope that I am living up to their expectations of what we should be and I also hope that the young women in my life are able to continue the hard work and move us even further ahead. I like to think we have made it but every so often something happens that shows me as woman we are still not ” created equal” in the eyes of all.
While I was in Quebec City working at the Union Convention I did have an opportunity to visit legislature and you can be damn sure I was going to highlight these awesome women in my blog.
 three suffragettes

 three suffragettes

I am a woman of contradictions no question, I am a social activist, a union activist a woman that believes in equality but I am also a girly girl that loves to blog about fashion ( and gasp to my Union friends I also organized many a beauty Pageant in my Day, which look at it any way you want, I believe we empower by giving girls the confidence to be whom ever they want, so believing in equality does not mean we have to give up the things that some now turn their noses up at). 
Surprisingly I am also a Blogger that despises The Bachelor, which seems a very unblogger like thing so as I said a Woman of Contradictions.
walking in Old Quebec City

Black Maxi with a denim jacket and converse, a coach cross body

Yosa necklace

basic wardrobe pieces you must own

Plus I am not sure a lot of people would be able to reconcile in their minds how a Union Activist at a Union Convention would be out doing taking Fashion pics on their breaks… how funny is it that the many sides of Linda could all come together so seamlessly…. 
basic wardrobe pieces every girl must own

Black Maxi with a denim jacket and converse, a coach cross body

Black Maxi with a denim jacket and converse, a coach cross body

Black Maxi with a denim jacket and converse

black converse

Black converse

This is one of my favourite outfits a basic black Maxi ( with pockets) worn with a Denim Jacket and Converse, add a cross body Coach Bag and a statement necklace and I am good for many events. Seriously this outfit worked on the Convention Floor, touring around ole Quebec and to Dinner and not once did I feel over dressed nor under dressed. 
Black Maxi with a denim jacket and converse

Black Maxi with a denim jacket and converse

Three basic wardrobe pieces

Black Maxi with a denim jacket and converse

Black Maxi with a denim jacket and converse
Do you have some wardrobe staples that you always have to have with you?  I find it funny that I have many closets filled with clothes and hundreds of shoes but tell me these three pieces are all I could own and I think I could be a happy gal.

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  • Mai Tran

    I always need my earring with me. I have only 1 earring on the right (on purpose though). Mom bought it for me when I left home for study abroad. I've never been anywhere without it since.

  • Patti_NotDeadYetStyle

    Brava to all the sides of you! We are not simple women, are we? Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  • Shauna

    You look so casual chic. I love the darker color of that denim too -xx



  • ADA

    I love that you knotted the black maxi especially since you wore it with converse. And those women statues are awesome!

  • Cherie James

    Your outfit is the perfect casual everyday look. Love the maxi skirt paired with the denim jacket and sneakers!! Thank you for linking up with SHOE AND TELL on Style Nudge!


  • Casual and comfy, AND chic! Love this look. Perfect for trips and day trips!