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Lou and her Nutrience

This is a sponsored post with Mums The Word Network and Nutrience but all opinions are my own 
( and Lou’s)

This is Lou, my funny little cat who has more personality than any cat I have ever owned.  My little shelter rescue has wiggled her way into all of our hearts.

lou the cat

sleeping cat
She has also wiggled her way into all the areas of my home regardless of the fact there are some places just maybe she should stay away from ( like the dryer)
She does’t look guilty at all does she, nope it is as if she owns us and this home and we should just accept there are no places she should not be.
cat in the dryer

Well as tolerant as we are ( and yes she does have her own chair at the table) she is not allowed on the table nor the cupboards.  She is quite good with this rule (and yes I have house rules, the boys make their beds and Lou stays off my table and ask them all and they will confirm you do not mess with Linda and her rules.) Well imagine my surprise when some new cat food arrived ( Thank you Nutrience) and I found her sneaking up on the table trying to get into the food.  

It is funny because this little cat is a fussy food eater but in a very strange way, she does not like treats nor soft food ( I know how weird right). Lou loves her dry cat food and a little bit of Cat Milk on the side.  Well I was asked if I would like to try a new brand of Cat food, Nutrience and thought what the heck maybe she will like it.
 Well WTH is right she loves it enough to try and sneak into the bag and steal more, guess she really believes in the “Nourish the Body, Fuel the Spirit” concept.
nutrience cat food and lou

Lou and her nutrience

nutrience grain free cat food
There are a lot of pet foods on the market, enough to make it difficult, if not near impossible to know at first glance which one would be best for your pet. Here are some things I think you should know to make the choosing easier.
Good food contains quality ingredients and is made by large corporations or is outsourced by marketing firms to be processed at the discretion of third party manufacturers.
Great food contains nutritionally balanced, trustworthy Canadian and US sourced ingredients made in small batches for superior quality control. It is crafted with pride and made with purpose by companies that are family owned and that is Nutrience in a nutshell( and trust me this fussy little gal will not just eat anything)
Lou was sent the Grain Free Dry Food. More closely mimicking a carnivore’s ancestral diet, Nutrience Grain Free is protein-rich and designed to support peak performance in cats of all breeds and life stages. It’s an ideal choice for active pets, pets with grain sensitivities and for pet parents who wish to feed a high protein diet.

nutrience grain free food for cats

cat food and grain free nutrience

nutrience grain free cat food

lou the cat
You can find Nutrience at:
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Instagram: @NutrienceCanada

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Lou highly recommends you check them out, she says if you love your fur babies you need to try this ( or actually they need to try this).