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Mason Jars are the Perfect Ingredient

Mason Jars to store items in the bathroom, seemed like a genius idea to me and man no shortage of Pinterest “posts” to tell you how simple and easy this is. Well ladies and gents I do not want to be a pinterest spoiler here but hmmmm looks way easier than it is.  I know WTH right???
OK it’s not that the project is hard but the dang screws through the very small pre holes ( actually lines) on the clamps well lets just say I handed this project over to a helper.

Mason Jar Crafts
The premise is basic, 4 clamps, 4 mason jars, a board that you like and wham bam done… a perfect hanger for the bathroom, you have seen the pinterest posts right??? So like any good blogger I set up my supplies for the perfect shoot and Ok yea got a new helper… Kent put the jars together and Lou of course helped with the pictures.
My awesome photo assistant Lou the cat
Kent is far more meticulous then me so he tightened the clamps on the jars to see exactly where we would need to screw them on to the board and by “we” I meant him, you understand that right?
crafting with mason jars

crafting with mason jars

He then measured ( again something I tend to skip) where each jar should be placed so that the holder was symmetrical. He always tries to slow me down with that measure twice, cut once rule, me, I am the eyeballing something then cutting and making do kind of gal.
crafting with mason jars

crafting with mason jars

attach all four clamps to the board equally spaced apart,

crafting with mason jars and clamps

crafting with mason jars
I really wanted to use old barn board but of course not easy to find in the suburbs, instead I went to Michael’s and found a precut piece of Oak that I liked.  I did not stain my board as I liked a ntuaral blond for the bathroom but you could easily stain or paint the wood in advance. I also opted for the medium mason jars ( PS these are the real mason jars used for pickles or salsa not the ones purchased at a craft store. I thought I would add that touch of reality ( LOL) to my holder.
mason Jars
and volia a lovely Mason Jar Holder for the bathroom and real =easy to make especially if you have a guy willing  to do the hard work like screwing the screws. 
mason Jar bathroom holder

mason Jar bathroom holder

4 Mason Jars, One piece of wood, 4 small screws and a fun/unique holder for bathroom necessities.

  • Christie Geiger

    Love it! Such a great use of space! I have a mason jar on my vanity with q-tips in it, but hanging them is a great idea. It's pretty and practical!

    The Closet by Christie


  • ADA

    Gorgeous new way to use mason jars. All the makeup and brushes look so pretty, there., =)

  • Now that’s clever! I can think of so many was to use this – I’d be honored if you shared this at the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party!

    • Thanks for joining the party!

    • I am hopping over and thanks so much. I do love my storage center