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Wishing for a Fruit Cocktail ( or any cocktail)

Do you read People Stylewatch? I pick it up regularly and always skip immediately to the #Yougotitright section to see if I know  the bloggers and then I jump to the On the Street section to see what is cool, what is trending and where are the cool trends developing. 
Well this month’s on the streets was all about the fruit, yep you heard me, FRUIT.  Well you know this gal is all about the pineapples so hey not a stretch to move into the whole fruit cocktail right?
So I was figuring hmm, fruit cocktail, how does one go about purchasing fruit clothes, hold on, fruit clothes that are cute… well hello Sheinside to the rescue.  I may be addicted to this shop but seriously they have so many cute items at ridiculously low prices. Where else could I find an  awesome Dress for under $25.00?
Well hello fruit cocktail, I am in fruit heaven at the awesome pieces I found, a lemon skirt and can’t you just picture this with the Pina Colada Shirt? or these amazing Banana Shorts with a Watermelon Tee or go matchy, matchy with the banana tee? Either of this Fruity dresses with an eye popping Cherry Necklace
I truly would love to have any of these outstanding pieces in my wardrobe.
Do you have fruit pieces?? or better yet would you wear fruity pieces?? 
Now excuse me while I go find an apple bag and maybe some pineapple shoes.
  • Christie Geiger

    Great picks, Linda! I love the lemon skirt.

    I just started a new Friday Favorites link-up. I would love it if you join in tomorrow!

    The Closet by Christie