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For the Love of Shoes

love of shoes

There are several things I love in life and several more I am passionate about, Shoes I think fit both categories.  I am addicted to shoes and I am not ashamed of that fact.  I have a lot of shoes, well actually I thought I had an excessive collection but here in this little ole blog world you oftren discover that there are many others more obsessed than yourself ( man I read about a woman who had 847 pairs… that makes my collection look pretty small)  So SHOES, high heels, flats, sandals, pumps, oxfords, sneakers, boots, booties… I love them all. Last night while surfing the net and checking out a few favoutite sites I stumbled across the shoe section at Shein (formerly SheInside).  Did you know they sold shoes? I have been so focused on the skirts and dresses that I never seriously perused the shoe section, well, I have found love in all the right places. Just look at this limited selection I am currently drooling over.
shoes I love

So with visions of shoes dancing through my head, I now must decide which I really really need.
But in the meantime lets focus on the ones I actually do own, these blue mesh wedges I love and have worn with so many different outfits. ( Shoe Dazzle another on line store that does not disappoint)
Classic Blazer and Shift Dress, mesh wedges and a beau bag

Classic Blazer and Shift Dress, mesh wedges and a beau bag
Wow check me out, Classic blazer, classic shift dress, classic bag the only statements are the colour and of course the shoes. This is one of my standard go to work, have a meeting outfits.  The serious Linda, the hey I am not wearing yellow gal. The “I am serious” look. Well sometimes a gal just has to dress the way one expects someone to dress, don’t you agree?  No, you are correct one must never dress how others expect, only how we expect ourselves to dress.  Me, I like to think I am a chameleon, a person that dresses to suit my environment, and that environment is what I chose it to be.  Today I felt like a more office style, but of course I still needed colour.
Classic Blazer and Joe Fresh Shift Dress, mesh wedges from Shoe Dazzle and a beau bag

Classic Blazer and Joe Fresh Shift Dress, mesh wedges

Joe fresh Shift Dress, mesh wedges and a beau bag

Joe Fresh  Shift Dress, She dazzle mesh wedges and a Kate Spade beau bag

Joe Fresh Shift Dress and Shoe Dazzle mesh wedges

Shift Dress and shoe dazzle mesh wedges and a beau bag

Classic Blazer and Shift Dress, mesh wedges and a beau bag

Classic Blazer and Shift Dress, converse and a beau bag

Classic Blazer and Joe Fresh Shift Dress, converse and a beau bag

Classic Blazer and Shift Dress, converse and a beau bag

Classic Blazer and joe freshShift Dress, converse and a kate spade beau bag

So any weekend plans?? I have a few up my sleeve but you will have to stay tuned till later to discover how I plan on spending it.
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  • Mai Tran

    I'm having a yard sales this weekend to gather money for new shoes!

  • I also have tons of shoe but this year I have downsized on my shoe collection. loving the mint green. Such a prefect year around color. I have the joy of working all weekend.


  • Heather

    I love those floral pumps! Thanks did linking up at The Sugar Ribbon Blog!

    XOxo Heather
    @ http://www.thesugarribbon.com/blog

  • Heather

    Oh for crying out loud autocorrect! Thanks FOR linking up. :/
    That's what I get for doing this from my phone. 🙂

    XO Heather
    @ http://www.thesugarribbon.com/blog

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I love all of those heels. 🙂

  • Katey Haines

    I didn't realize Shein sold shoes either! I'm loving those lace up heels and the bow nude heels are gorgeous!

    Your shift dress is adorable on you and the color combo is so pretty. The blue shoes are fabulous!

    Thanks for linking up with "Favorite Fashion Friday"!



  • Kristin Knudsen

    I love the converse shoes with the dress! I use to have a pair of converse, when they were first popular. They are so comfortable!!!

  • denise low

    I love the shoes and the outfit. Thank you for the review

  • Dawn Lucy

    Yay for great shoes! Love those cobalt blue ones! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday and have a great weekend!


    Dawn Lucy


  • Linda Manns

    This outfit looks so nice on you. I love the colors. I also enjoyed looking at all the shoes you shared. Thank you so much

  • What a lovely outfit,I really like that dress and how it looks with converse shoes.

  • Thank you, I have been living in my converse lately

  • Thanks LInda, I have a shoe addiction ( or great love LOL)

  • I do not wear these ones enough, thanks for the link up and I hope you are doing ok

  • Thanks Denise, and no problem

  • I am now up to five pairs in different colours, lol can you say love becoming an addictionj

  • Shein has some amazing shoes. Thanks for the compliment

  • aren't they fun

  • autocorrect is my nemesis. lol

  • hope your weekend was still ok even though you worked.

  • thanks, I love my shoes

  • hope you sold tons and are able to buy lots.

  • I was actually a nice and fun one.

  • Me too, they are just perfect.