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Let’s Go to the Beach

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Little known fact to many people, Canada has a summer and we have our very own beaches, actually many of us even have our own pools.  I know that is a bit shocking if you believe all the urban myths that we all live in Igloos and ski year round, but trust me its true, we have awesome beaches and they get used a lot…

So in the winter I may travel to find sun and sand, but in the summer from May till September/October I will be in Canada, and you may hear me say ” Let’s Go to the Beach….”

Gran turk and Carnival Glory

Honestly I have a beautiful beach 10 minutes from my house, and it is usually a very popular spot between May and September. Petrie Island ……

Petrie Island
actually it is pretty popular all year long, if you like Fall Foliage and winter sports….( and hello we are in Canada so we love all seasons right) 
Petrie Island
For me I love to spend most of my time in my backyard, in that little Oasis I have but I do miss the sand so we have tried to incorporate all the positive aspects of the beach around the pool. we have beach games, beach towels, water devices ( floaties LOL) and of course all things Flip Flop related because beach equals flip flops right?? 
So just in case you are a city dweller and not able to get to the beach as often as you might like I thought I would walk you through an awesome beach craft I made,  A flip Flop wreath to hang on a fence, a balcony or even in your bathroom if you just want to 
Ever wonder what to do with all of those flip flops that end up in your house each year?? A wreath works perfectly, or if you are like me and want to hold on to your flip flops head to your nearest Dollar Store, Giant Tiger, Old Navy, which ever one you are loyal to and purchase a few ( or lots) pairs of children s flip flops. I love the Children s selection because they usually have awesome designs and colours. I have made this wreath twice but this time I went for the ” Full Beach” look. I purchased nine pairs of sandals and found a funky pair of sunglasses

A Flip Flop Wreath Tutorial
flip flops

Flip Flop purchase

Practice first, I find it takes me a few tries before I get the look I am happy with.  Take one of each sandal and create a circle. I personally like to start with the sandals going toe to toe. For the second layer I have them going heel to heel and then they all rest on each other
flip flop wreath
You can see the heel and toe concept illustrated clearly in my first wreath,  I used hot glue and glued the toes together and then as I add a layer not only do I glue each sandal to the one beside it but also to the one it is resting on.
The best thing about a summer flip flop wreath is you make it to your taste, as full or as sparse as you like.
making a flip flop wreath
I like the multi layered look, nine pairs and four layers make for one fantastic wreath.
making a summer flip flop wreath

flip flop wreath
After I have created my perfect circle and I am happy with the look, I add layers ( again alternating toes together, heels together) I, then glue one pair to the center of the wreath as an anchor piece and finally add a pair of sunglasses, if you were really inventive you could add a small bottle of suntan lotion.  I also use one flip flop on the back so that I can use the straps as my hanger.  Quick easy and very inexpensive and it gives you that Let’s go to the Beach kind of feeling every time you look at it.
Front door flip flop wreath

handmade flip flop wreath
What a nice welcome on your front door or hanging on your back fence right? How about other flip flop accessories? Maybe a welcome sign or just a fun wall hanging…. I like to add colour to my fence.

Lifes a beach flip flop sign
 sign from Michaels
flip flop welcome sign

So there ya have it, Canada really does have Summer, and we love the beach and the pool,  seriously put us near water and sun and just like a a Lupin we grow and flourish (do you like the wild flower reference?) Have you hit the Beach yet?? For me, I have not only hit the beach I have been living in this little beachy backyard of mine.

backyard pool oasis

Welcome to summer Canada
How is your summer going? Are you a beach or a pool person? Guess what today it is 28 degrees in Ottawa (88 F) so guess where I am heading???
Do me a favour if you make the wreath shoot me a note, I love getting inspiration from others.

  • LOVE that flip flop wreath!

  • Rosie

    I've been to the beach in Cape Breton Highlands, nobody swimming, though, but sooo pretty!!! I don't go to the beach or pool anymore to stay out of the sun, too much of it before. I never thought about the beaches in Canada – had no idea they had pools – that get used- wow!

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I love the flip flop wreath. 🙂

  • Thanks Ashley and it is very easy to make

  • The water around Cape Breton can be cold, I use to swim in the Bay Of Fundy as a Child, we would turn purple from the cold water but we loved it.

  • very easy to make and cheap too. and it makes me think summer every time i see it.

  • Rosie

    it is beautiful, though, I like to look at videos of the area on youtube

  • lisa

    Ha, I knew there had to be a use for flip flops. I can't stand those things! We have a beach around an hours drive away. When we first came here, we went weekly.

  • Bethany Lynne Dyer

    super cute post! Love the flip flop wreath! <3

    Kiss Me Darling

  • ADA

    The second flip-flop wreath I see and this one is even better. So colorful, patterned, bright and fun – perfection for Summer. Your coverup is adorable, too. Looks like a great Summer so far, Linda. I just posted some Vacation Photos too last weekend! =)

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    Aren't you the crafty girl? That is one thing we don't have in common…lol! Love the wreath. 🙂

  • I only wear them poolside but I like them this was best

  • thanks quick and easy to make as well

  • thanks, the more the better right

  • come visit and I'll help ya, and then the dogs could play with this instead of your glasses lol

  • I'm so envious you have a beach so near to you and a pool in your backyard! I don't even have a pond. 🙁 Being a water baby, I have to say I love both pool and beach. Nothing like sand running between your toes. Love the flip flop wreath.

  • CynGagen

    That wreath is adorable! I love it. Must make one for myself. What a clever reminder of the beach even when you're not close to one. #client