Loving Life after 50

Summer Hair means I am Summer Ready

Summer, gotta be honest I love summer. It means warm humid days, lots of pool time and lots of sunshine.  My hair however is not quite the fan that I am.  I have thick but fine wavy hair that has a tendency to frizz in the humidity.  Its a good thing I love braids, ponytails, buns and hats because they are my best friend.

My straightener starts gathering dust and I go through elastics like crazy ( and yes they may start out as bracelets in the morning but I guarantee as soon as I hit the office the hairdo changes as fast as the shoes do.
Thinking about summer hair and my routine has has me evaluating how I actually want to look this summer,  I am a redhead currently so will that change how I care for my hair? what I do?? Wow, it is hard to believe that I have been a red head for ten months now, ten months that have just flown by but as summer approaches and I start seeing old photos I started second guessing that decision. Seriously though I have been a blond for 50 years ( yes folks 1) I was born a blond and 2) hello 51.) I have never gone through a summer as anything but blond and do I want this year to be the first???

As the official start of summer is fast approaching and as I think about my hair appointment next Tuesday I start contemplating how do I get ” Summer Ready”

Lets weigh the pros and cons here:

Blond:                                                                        Redhead

summer blondauburn shades
Dressed up as a Blond:

Blond updo

Dressed up as a Redhead
grecian gal with redhair in LuLu Dress

wearing my red glasses as a Blond and a Redhead

Blond curls                           redhead with beer

wearing my black glasses as a blond and a redhead
blond curlsredhair and straight
Its a dilemma folks truly it is, except for the fact that Kent loves my blond so,,, scales just tipped heavily in favour of Summer Blond but hold it one more card up my sleeve I found this cool quiz on line at Madison Reed, Lets Find your Perfect Hair Colour and guess what Madison Reed is telling me to go…you guessed it BLOND.   FYI if you are a DIY kind of gal, they have created a healthier hair dye  that you can do right at home!.
madison reed hair quiz results
Well the way I see it Madison Reed can’t be wrong, I mean this is what they do right? So stay tuned for the big reveal next Wednesday just in time for a quick trip to Orlando.