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Top Ten Ways to Tell that You are in Fact a Blogger

I am a blogger, I like to think I am a life and style blogger with an emphasis on the style part but who really knows, maybe I am a fashion blogger with a focus on so many other things… It is truly hard to tell some days.
As a blogger ( or someone pretending to be a blogger) I sometimes feel like I am a big fraud, there are so many, many things that it appears I am supposed to do and like but I just can’t do it. I guess I have to admit defeat and confess to all of you ( I really wanted to use ya’ll but it seemed fake) I don’t fit the mold so I can I still be considered a blogger…
So in the spirit of understanding what this funny little world is all about here are my………………and stealing the concept from a late night talk show that I love here are my top ten signs.

Ten ways to tell if you are a REAL Blogger
10) You love wine ( OK I do have this one perfected)
9)you have an IPSY subscription and post about it regularly ( and what the heck is BB cream anyway)
8) You belong to Rockbox or Stitch Fix or both or one of the many other subscription services available
7) you own “that dress” from Target or Old Navy ( or both)
6) you have at least one monogrammed item and/or flower crown and it has been featured on Instagram, Facebook and your blog at least once
5) You have Paper straws in every colour
4) You have a white stag head somewhere in your house ( OK I have a ring holder so maybe I can half count this)
3) You have not missed a season of the Bachelor or the Bachelorette
2) You have seen every episode of Scandal ( I did see two episodes does that count)
and the number one way you know.
1) You know the entire history of every housewife on the Real Housewives ( damn I forgot the Original) Original because all the others are just NOT…
( do you have any blogger trends that you just can’t get in to???)
Well the one area of blogging I seem totally comfortable with is, yep you guessed it the art of taking pictures of myself in clothes that you may or may not like… so without further ado on this random Wednesday. Today was a meeting day but one where I was walking so I dressed sort of conservative but suitable for walking ( and darn it, I did not wear rain boots and guess what, it poured and boat shoes, as we liked to call them when I was a kid, may be for boating but they sure aren’t waterproof)
While in Orlando in May ( you know that place I am heading to again tomorrow) I found this awesome shirtdress at J Crew Factory Outlet, paired with the Old Navy Linen Blazer and my Sperry’s I felt totally work appropriate. Threw on some Nautical accessories, grabbed Kate ( thats my Beau Bags name, just Kate) and away we went

J Crew Shirt Dress, Old Navy Linen Blazer and Sperrys

J Crew Shirt Dress, Old Navy Linen Blazer and Sperrys and Kate Spade Beau Bag

J Crew Shirt Dress, Old Navy Linen Blazer and Sperrys

Old Navy Linen Blazer J Crew Shirt Dress, and Sperrys

Old Navy Linen Blazer and J Crew Shirt Dress

J Crew Shirt Dress and Sperrys

Old Navy Linen Blazer and J Crew Shirt Dress

Old Navy Linen Blazer and J Crew Shirt Dress

Kate Spade Beau Bag and Sperry's

and for a final note of randomness how about a fun giveaway  Gold MacBook
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  • Aehm well. I guess I ain't no blogger. I couldn't say yes to any of these points 🙁 But I love your striped blazer! 😉

    Have a great week!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  • Always for fun, sometimes I wonder as i hop around reading other blogs how i ever fell into this, love it but it is a funny world. Thanks on the blazer, I love it

  • Nautical but nice! I would say that a blogger is someone who has a blog. Just saying!

  • ADA

    This made me smile and laugh. I am 100% on 3, 7 and 10 myself. But I am all NO on the others, however there are many other stereotypical blogger things you haven't mentioned that I think I fulfill lol. And today I am sharing a navy nautical look also, with my American Flag Shoes. Love this outfit so much.

  • I agree, this was def a toungue in cheek post because sometimes when we read blogs we wonder why are we so different.

  • welcome back from vacay, hope you had a great time. and yes I thought of so many others…. next installment I think