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Wooden Watches and Wine

Visitng Traynor Vineyards
What an amazing Fathers Day, we hit the Vineyards in Prince Edward County and I finally gave Kent the watch from Jord and I have to say he loved it all.  Wine and wooden watches just seem to go hand in hand. Sunday was a day for my blog history book, Kent had to take the outfit pictures, poor guy all that criticism on Fathers Day. Your not doing it right, now I need full length shoots, no I just want my feet…. you know all the weirdness that is “we” fashion bloggers

Do you drive your partner crazy with the picture taking?? or if you use your spouse for pictures how long did it take for you to perfect your routine??  I am quite relaxed with the Tri-Pod and timer but I guess I should work on getting the ” human element” back in the picture?  
On Sunday, we were in Kingston because the Boys had a show Saturday evening so hitting PEC at a measly 30 minutes away was a no brainer, I mean on a serious note if you were 30 minutes away from some awesome vineyards would you not go?? 
Hillier Creek was our first stop, a vineyard we have hit before but well worth a second visit. ( stay tuned over the next few weeks as I promise you an in-depth exploration of each vineyard.
Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket, fedora

Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket, fedora and Jord Watch
Denim, Jumpsuit, Converse and a Fedora does it get any better, well yea add a wooden watch
Off to Norman Hardie’s for wood fired oven pizza and a glass of wine ( and a restocking of the 
Pinot Noir I love)
Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket,and Jord Watch

Jord Watch
Denim Jacket- Target, Wooden Watch C/O Jord, Have I mentioned this awesome watch before… well just in case you are not aware this is a Jord Wooden Watch, the Sully Series in Cherry and maple and isn’t it perfect?? I can not believe how lightweight this watch is, I love the contrasting wood tones and it is such a versatile piece, I mean seriously I have worn it several times with several different outfits.
A Jord Watch  exemplifies the concepts of  sustainable, efficient, simple, and influenced by experiential living. I love the fact that the Company believes  Jord owners don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go. and is that not “US”  always somewhere to go. A watch that tells more than time, it tells a story
Jord watch and Haggar Shirt
Shirt- Haggar, Wooden Watch- C/O Jord
Jord Watch and Haggar shirt
I ordered Kent the Delmar Green Jord Watch as a surprise for fathers day ( messed up on the sizing, guess that happens when you try and keep it a surprise)  He still loves it.  Lightweight and splash proof perfect for our day adventures.

Jord Watch

Jord watches

Does this not look scrumptious??
Norman Hardie pizza and wine
I thought I would go with a more casual look for my Target Jumpsuit, paired with a denim jacket and my converse. What a versatile jumpsuit,great for the office, the vineyards and even out to a nightclub with the right accessories. Sunday was calling for cool and overcast with a possibility of rain so I figured adding a Denim Jacket would be appropriate, the weather turned sunny and warm so I did end up shedding the jacket.
The Norman Hardie tasting room created a nice backdrop for a few quick pictures. 
Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket, converse and Jord watch

Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket, converse and Jord watch
Off to Traynor’s next, a first visit for us. ( and I can’t wait to walk you through this visit, what a great couple and some amazing wines)

Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket, and Jord watch, Haggar shirt

Rose Hall Run -last time we were there the tasting room was under construction so it was quite a treat to see the finished product. Jacket came off and the hat came out as the sun stare=ted heating up the day.
jumpsuit and fedora

Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket, converse and Jord watch
Sandbanks and the Metal Moose called out for a friendly visit, and please excuse the lovely hairdo, appears my braid decided to relax a bit.
Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket, converse and Jord watch

Our final stop was at the Three Dogs Winery, a first visit and what a lovely spot and a great backdrop for pictures, by golly I think Kent was catching on to my warped directions.

Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket, converse and Jord watch

Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket, converse and Jord watch

Target Jumpsuit and denim jacket, converse and Jord watch
So all in all a rather nice day for a couple that love their wine ( and all in the company of a great friend)

So there ya have it, my Happy Random Wednesday
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  • Mai Tran

    Pizza, jumpsuit, hat! That's all I want for summer!

  • So much fun! And I love those wooden watches! So one of a kind!

    Red Reticule | Red Reticule Collection

  • glad Kent had a great father's day. My husband take my photo's and still time to time cuts my feet off in photo's.


  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I love your watch. 🙂

  • true, best combination ever

  • They are so beautiful ( and I cannot believe how light they are)

  • but at least they take them right??/ He had a great day and spent the night before with his boys so that was great too

  • Thanks, isn't is a beauty

  • Right, Glad to hear he had a nice day.

  • Super cute and what a fun day out!

  • I think I am going to play catch up with the wine tasting! Lovely place, and it seems you had a great day out. I love the jumper on you Linda, and great watches! I love that you got your hubby one.
    Jess xx

  • Right, I happy that he willing to help me out with taking photo's

  • we do love our watches and our wine. The vineyards were beautiful. Thanks on the jumpsuit, it is really comfy

  • we had a lovely time

  • Linda Manns

    I really like this jump suit and the hat you matched with it. It is cute and also looks comfy. The wood watches are just beautiful. Thank you so much fo sharing